Who Are We?
And How Are We Going To Get You
A Job Offer From Your Next Interview?

There are 3 key goals we are going to help you achieve at TheInterviewGuys.com:


  1. Get the Job Interview
  2. Ace the Job Interview
  3. Get the Job


So Who Are We?


Jeff Gillis and Mike Simpson, also known as the Interview Guys, are two of the most influential job interview experts online, but it wasn’t always that way…

To understand the Interview Guys you need to know about Jeff’s journey:

Mike Simpson is one of the most well-respected job interview experts in North America, and co-founder of TheInterviewGuys.com.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and Economics, Mike has gone on to develop a method for succeeding in job interviews that has been used by nearly 2 million students.

He has also had tremendous success as an author, with his 2014 report How to Give Perfect Interview Answers Every time being downloaded by over a million users, and his first book (co-written with Jeff Gillis) having sold over 50,000 copies online.

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Let’s just say that I was completely hopeless.  I had been on a series of interviews and had not received job offers on any of them. I was basically about to pack it all in and accept my fate as a dishwasher somewhere when a friend recommended I meet this guy Mike Simpson, who was basically the Albert Einstein of job interviews.  I did not expect him to say, “Hey man, I was just like you not that long ago…”"


"It’s true, like Jeff…It wasn’t always very easy for me..I was stuck in a rut with not much hope of climbing out of it. I spent eleven months researching the best interview techniques.  I read every book on the subject I could find. I met with hiring managers from Fortune 500 companies to pick their brains…I eventually noticed a pattern which became the basis for our whole philosophy…"

"It’s Not About You, It’s About Them"


As you’ll learn on this blog, this small sentence forms the backbone for our unique job interview approach…

As you'll see by implementing a small but crucial "shift" in the way you approach interviewing you can radically increase your chances of getting offers consistently from your interviews.

As a matter of fact, this unique approach to job interviewing revolutionized my interview performance and totally turned my life around. I was so impressed with Mike’s job interview technique that I convinced him to share it online.


How Are We Different?


One thing that we agreed on is how boring job interview preparation is.  Have you ever searched around online?  The blogs are all SO boring.  The videos will put you to sleep.  How are you supposed to get fired up about your job interview if you’re half asleep? It’s important to us that we keep the process fun and engaging, because it our opinion, that’s the way it’s supposed to be!  So we had the idea that we teach all of the essentials while still making it fun and engaging.

So keeping this in mind, we started with our YouTube channel, creating silly videos that both teach the important lessons and let job seekers have the occasional laugh…and it really took off!

From there we moved on to this blog, and the rest is history!

So How Are We Going To Get You A Job?


We want to help you achieve the same results as Jeff.  And in order to do this, we’ve taken all of our knowledge, all of our tricks and secrets, and basically everything you need to know…and put in right here in this blog for you.

Whether you are:

  • Just coming out of college and looking for a job
  • In a job and looking for a new challenge
  • A mother just returning to work from maternity leave
  • A mature worker who is reentering the workforce
  • To save us some time here... basically ANYONE who has a job interview! 🙂

This Blog is going to be absolutely crammed with great information that will help you get a job offer from your next interview.

Check back often because we're going to be filling its pages with a lot of different types of content from in depth tutorial articles, to cartoons, to videos to infographics...

It’s our plan to keep growing this thing so we need your help!

If you have some free time please leave us some comments and share the articles on your social accounts!

Remember, we're here to help!

So if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments section of the blog posts and we'll be sure to answer.

Here is a great place to get started:

This is the backbone of our job interview preparation process. It will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition!

Thanks for stopping by and great luck on your interview!