Top 20 Best-Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

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By Jeff Gillis

The consumer services industry is booming, creating ample opportunities for anyone who wants a fulfilling – and potentially lucrative – career. Some of the best-paying jobs in consumer services don’t just start with strong salaries; they also offer plenty of room for growth, allowing you to boost your earnings as you gain experience.

Plus, the demand for skilled professionals in this sector is high. If you’re wondering whether the industry is potentially right for you, here’s what you need to know about the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

What Are Consumer Services Jobs?

Before we dive into the best-paying jobs in consumer services, let’s take a section to talk about what the industry is and what it takes to thrive in the sector. In most cases, consumer services professionals are customer support specialists. They might answer questions, provide access to services, and more.

Generally speaking, consumer services jobs are plentiful. Plus, the opportunities are highly varied, with roles in a range of industries, including retail, hospitality, travel, and more.

And since the demand for talented consumer services professionals is high, many of the jobs are far more lucrative than you might expect. Finally, you may not need a college degree to get started, allowing you to avoid the costs of a lengthy education.

JEFF'S TIP: While college degrees aren’t always necessary, that doesn’t mean they can’t work in your favor. For example, a degree in consumer affairs could help you stand out from the pack. Similarly, a business management degree – including at the Associate or Bachelor’s level – could be beneficial. So, while they aren’t necessary, they may make you a stronger candidate or could help you secure higher-level roles faster.

In most cases, as long as you can demonstrate a commitment to customer service and have specific skills and traits – such as communication, collaboration, organization, and problem-solving – you’re in good shape.

Top 20 Best-Paying Jobs in Consumer Services 

Alright, now it’s time for a closer look at the best-paying jobs in consumer services. Here’s an overview of the job titles, core responsibilities, required qualifications, and pay rates you can typically find in this industry.

1. Client Relations Associate

Client relations associates ensure that a company’s clients are fully satisfied, providing support and guidance as needed to address problems and provide an exceptional experience. Often, the exact details of the role vary by industry, but some degree of industry knowledge is usually a must.

In some cases, you might need a degree in communications, business, or marketing for these roles. With that, you can be well on your way to earning $55,358 annually.

2. Receptionist

This consumer services job focuses on welcoming customers as they arrive and otherwise serving as the first point of contact for a business. Often, receptionists handle calls when possible or transfer customers to the appropriate department as needed. Scheduling and recordkeeping can also be part of the role.

Like many jobs on this list, a college degree isn’t a necessity. When it comes to the salary, something around $36,644 per year is typical.

3. Contact Center Agent

Contact center agents handle inbound and outbound calls to assist customers with a range of needs. It could involve anything from helping with orders, answering billing questions, and providing product or service information.

Generally, you’ll only need a high school diploma or its equivalent to qualify. Additionally, open availability may help if the contact center runs outside of traditional business hours. With that, you can typically earn around $31,180 per year.

4. Client Services Coordinator

One of the best-paying jobs in consumer services that doesn’t require a degree is client services coordinator. Usually, these professionals are functionally bridges between customers and companies, gathering information about a client’s needs before reaching out to internal professionals with the needed expertise to find solutions.

While having a degree isn’t required initially, getting on in a field like public relations could help you advance faster. However, in either case, a salary near $44,332 is the norm.

5. Patient Care Coordinator

A patient care coordinator is a consumer services specialist that works in the healthcare industry. Usually, they have positions in hospitals and clinics, providing patients with information regarding their healthcare needs.

In most cases, patient care coordinators have healthcare-related degrees, majoring in fields like nursing, health management, or public health. In exchange for their expertise, salaries of about $92,690 per year are typical.

6. Financial Advisor

With this job, you do need a degree in finance, accounting, economics, or a similar field. However, it’s worth considering, as it can help you earn around $81,243 per year.

In the role, you’d help bank or financial institution customers make wiser financial choices. You may discuss savings, investments, insurance, and taxes, depending on the exact job, ensuring customers have the knowledge they need to plan for their futures.

7. Concierge

Commonly found in the hospitality and travel industries, a concierge assists consumers with a range of needs, offering support and securing access to vital services. For example, you might arrange for transportation, make dinner reservations, or handle similar tasks.

Usually, you can get started with a high school diploma, but a degree in hospitality can also help. Whichever approach you choose, you can often make around $34,113 annually.

8. Flight Attendant

If you love to travel and excel at customer service, a job as a flight attendant could be your perfect match. You’ll assist travelers with their needs, provide food and drinks, and ensure the flight goes smoothly.

In most cases, flight attendants participate in specialized training to ensure they can handle the position. Once that’s done, you’re typically well on your way to earning approximately $80,731 a year.

9. Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, your main responsibility is answering questions and resolving issues for customers. You might speak with customers over the phone, using chat software, through email, or in person.

When it comes to pay, making about $33,423 per year isn’t uncommon. Plus, you don’t need a college degree, so you may be able to get started right away.

10. Technical Support Engineer

Technical support engineer is easily one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services. Typically, you’ll need a technology-related degree to get started, ensuring you have the right knowledge to assist customers with technical questions and troubleshooting needs.

In exchange for your expertise, you can often earn around $68,524 annually, all while gaining experience that can potentially help you move up in the tech industry. For example, you might be able to become a technical support department manager, which often pays around $127,384 per year.

11. Bank Teller

Bank tellers are a specialized form of customer service professional. They handle deposits and withdrawals, answer account questions, conduct wire transfers, issue cashier’s checks, and other similar responsibilities.

In most cases, a high school diploma is enough to get started, but a degree in a field like accounting or finance could be beneficial. Either way, you can often earn about $36,310 per year.

12. Event Planner

If you enjoy planning for special occasions, working as an event planner could be a great fit. You’ll assist customers with upcoming weddings, birthday parties, conferences, and similar gatherings, ensuring everything will go smoothly.

Generally, you will need a college degree to get started in this field. However, it’s a potentially worthwhile investment, as it can help you secure a yearly salary near $51,632. Additionally, you may have the choice to work for an events facility, launch your own business, or freelance, making this career remarkably versatile.

13. Member Services Specialists

Member services specialists support customers that are members of a particular organization, such as a financial institution. They address concerns, answer questions, and provide access to internally offered resources.

Usually, annual salaries for member services specialists are close to $38,446 per year. Additionally, you can begin your career with just a high school diploma, though a degree could make advancing easier.

14. Hotel Manager

Whether you want to work your way up into this position or get a degree in hospitality, being a hotel manager can mean snagging a salary of about $111,556 per year. You’ll oversee hotel operations, including coordinating staff, managing maintenance needs, and supporting customers staying at your location. Hiring new team members may also be part of the job, as well as managing new hire onboarding and training.

15. Loan Officer

Loan officers assist customers looking for various kinds of loans, including personal, auto, and home loans. Along with explaining the available financial products, loan officers often evaluate customers to see if they meet the financial institution’s borrowing criteria, as well as coordinate payment schedules.

Many loan officers do have college degrees, usually in finance or accounting. With that, they frequently earn $70,418 annually.

16. Ticketing Agent

One option in the transportation industry is ticketing agent, a profession that involves ensuring passengers can purchase tickets for their upcoming journey. You may also assist with baggage processing and provide them with information about their trip.

Typically, a college degree isn’t necessary. As for the salary, around $61,486 per year is the norm.

17. Social Media Customer Care Associate

Here’s one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services for social media-savvy professionals. Usually, you’ll need a degree in marketing, communication, or a similar field to get started, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to create content, respond to questions, and more using social media platforms.

Generally, pay rates for these positions are near $42,138 per year. However, you can certainly earn more once you get enough experience.

18. Travel Agent

Another option for anyone who loves planning and travel, travel agents work with clients to manage their travel needs. This can include recommending destinations, securing reservations, educating customers on visa requirements, and more.

While a degree isn’t required, some formal education can make it easier to get started in the field. Plus, the salary is usually near $53,206 per year, so it’s worth exploring.

19. Wealth Management Advisor

A specialized type of financial advisor, wealth management advisors work with clients who are particularly affluent, assisting them with financial decisions, providing access to needed services, guiding them through estate planning, and more. Often, a degree in accounting or finance is essential in this field, but it’s worth exploring since the yearly pay rates are typically near $91,605.

20. Retail Associate

One of the classic consumer services jobs is retail associate. Here, you support customers who are shopping in a retail environment, answering questions about products, managing transactions at a register, or handling similar responsibilities.

One benefit of this role is that part-time options are available, making it flexible. Plus, you can earn around $31,858 a year even without a high school diploma, which isn’t bad.

Putting It All Together

At this point, you should have a pretty solid idea of what the best-paying jobs in consumer services have to offer. If one of the options above catches your eye, take a closer look to see if it might be right for you. That way, you can have a rewarding and lucrative career.

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