12 Ways You Can Zap Your Job Interview Nerves

By Mike Simpson OK, it’s “go time”.  You open the front door to the company you are about to interview with. The floor beneath your feet is cold and unforgiving, echoing your footsteps as you make your way down the unfamiliar hallway. Each ragged breath you draw in fills your lungs, causing your already pounding…

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15 Things You Never (Ever) Want to Hear During Your Job Interview

By Mike Simpson We’ve all been there… You’re firmly planted in your chair, chest puffed out as you rattle off perfect answers to any interview question the hiring manager throws at you… “This isn’t so bad!  I’m a shoe-in for this position,” you surely think as the taste of victory fills your mouth and visions…

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Job Interview Questions and Answers 101

By Mike Simpson “And now, for our feature presentation…” Normally these words would signal you to lean back in your movie theater chair, put on your 3D glasses and start shoveling buttery popcorn into your face for the next two-and-a-half-hours. But in this case, while your job interview does have the potential to be an Oscar-winning…

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