How to Write a Customer Service Resume Summary (Examples Included)

By Mike Simpson

Do you know what the key to landing a new customer service job is? It’s making sure that your resume stands out from the pack.


Because, if your application doesn’t catch the hiring manager’s eye, you won’t move forward in the hiring process. It won’t matter if you have the customer service interview questions down pat, because you won’t have a chance to answer them.

Yes, that may sound a bit harsh, but there’s no need to panic. By creating a stellar customer service resume summary, you can highlight why you’re an exceptional candidate. You’ll be putting what makes you shine front and center, increasing the odds that the hiring manager will take notice.

So, whether you are applying to call centers, or trying to land a position with a retail giant like Walmart, Costco, or Home Depot, it’s vital to make your customer service resume summary outstanding. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered.

What Is a Resume Summary?

Alright, before you talk about how you should write your resume summary, let’s talk about what one is. First, it’s different than a resume objective, which is a statement that you use to outline your career goals while highlighting certain capabilities. Those are best for people who are new to the workforce, transitioning into a new field, or lack applicable experience.

If you’ve worked in customer service roles before, your best bet is to go with a resume summary. This is a statement that sits at the top of your resume, showcasing the expertise you bring to the table. You are putting your most in-demand skills and experience on full display, ensuring the hiring manager doesn’t miss any of it.

But, wait, why do you need a customer service resume summary if all of that information is, well, in your resume? Doesn’t that make it redundant?

Technically, you’re right. You are rehashing some details that are already in your resume. The thing is, hiring managers are normally screening dozens (if not hundreds) of candidates. They aren’t reading your entire resume; they are skimming it, at best.

With a resume summary, you’re making sure that, at a glance, the hiring manager discovers the most critical details. You are making the process easier for them and increasing your odds of landing in the “to interview pile.” That’s why it’s wise to have one.

What Is Unique About a Customer Service Resume Summary?

Alright, now that you’re on board with including a customer service resume summary, let’s dig a little deeper. You have to figure out exactly what you need to highlight, ensuring you can craft an ideal overview of your capabilities.

One thing you need to realize is you only have a couple of sentences, max. Brevity is your ally. It forces you to focus, ensuring you get to the point quickly, and the hiring manager stays engaged.

Want to know how customer service summaries are different from other industries? Sure thing.

One stand out difference between a customer service resume summary and one for other fields is that “customer service” isn’t just a job type; it’s a specific skill. You need to make sure the bulk of your statement focuses on the core capabilities in that niche.

Additionally, you want to draw attention to the total amount of experience you bring to the table. Adding it all up is a must, allowing you to have an impressive number that the hiring manager can’t miss.

MIKE'S TIP: When you write a customer service resume summary, it’s smart to touch on the specific sector if you are trying to land a job in the same niche. There’s a big difference between front-line retail customer service and phone-based technical customer service. Sure, everyone has to work with a smile and try to make the customer happy, but how you go about it isn’t precisely the same. By making the connection, you may seem like a stronger candidate to the hiring manager, so don’t be afraid to get specific.

Common Mistakes When Writing a Customer Service Resume Summary

There are several resume summary mistakes that could derail your job search. Luckily, they are pretty easy to spot, so you can avoid them as long as you know what they are.

First, let’s start with a biggie. Failing to tailor your resume, including the summary, to the role is a big no-no. You want that snippet to be an attention-grabber, so it needs to speak to that hiring manager directly. If you want to make sure you nail it, try our Tailoring Method and see if that doesn’t make it a breeze.

Second, don’t get long-winded. We mentioned that brevity is important already, but it’s critical to reiterate. A giant block of text at the top of your resume is going to hurt your chances. No one wants to read that. Keep it to no more than three lines on the page (using a reasonable font size), and you should be in decent shape.

Finally, don’t forget to label your summary. A simple header lets the hiring manager know what they are about to read. Plus, it showcases that you included an overview of your professional experience. That way, if all they can do is skim your application, they know that it is a critical section that they actually need to read.

Top 3 Tips for Writing a Customer Service Resume Summary

Writing a stand out customer service resume summary doesn’t have to be a pain in the you-know-where. If you want to tackle it with ease, here are three tips that you can put to work right away.

1. It’s All About Value

Your summary should showcase your capabilities, sure. But it should also create an outstanding value proposition. You want to show the hiring manager what they gain by choosing you, ideally in areas that are incredibly relevant to the customer service job description.

2. Be Specific, B-E Specific

Ideally, your resume summary should be brimming with details. Include individual skills and specific achievements, not general overviews.

3. Embrace Action

Action verbs are powerful. They feel energetic, making your summary more engaging. Try to work in relevant, best-fit action verbs to make sure your statement really packs a punch.

3 Customer Service Resume Summary Examples

Okay, not you know what a customer service resume summary is, and have some helpful tips for crafting your own. What? Not ready yet? Think an example or two will really help you nail it? No problem!

If you don’t know where to begin with your customer service resume summary, here are three examples that may help.

1. Retail

Multi-tasking, people-oriented customer service professional with 9 years of experience behind the counter. Familiar with major POS systems and set previous store record for customers served, checking out 38 customers in a single hour.

2. Call Center

Over 7 years of experience in fast-paced call center environment. Exceptional communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution/de-escalation skills. Highly familiar with the product niche.

3. Tech Support

Personable, professional, bilingual tech support rep with 5 years of experience who is adept at taking complex concepts and making them accessible to the masses. Customer-focused and calm under pressure. Trained in diagnostics and advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Putting It All Together

In the end, having a stand out customer service resume summary can make a world of difference. It lets you showcase critical capabilities early in your application, increasing the odds that they’ll catch the hiring manager’s eye and, ultimately, land you an interview.

Make sure to use the tips above regularly, customizing your summary at every opportunity. That way, you can speak to the nuances of the position, ensuring you can move your customer service career forward with ease.

Good luck!

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