Find a Job Using These 26 “Under The Radar” Job Search Engines

Find a Job Using These 26 “Under The Radar” Job Search Engines
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 By Jeff Gillis

If you were born anytime after 1950 and have looked for a job at any point between 1995 and now, chances are you have done at least part of your job search online using job search engines.

Okay, so if you’re anything like my dad (who only recently learned how to use a bank machine to take out cash instead of a teller…don’t even get me started on online banking), then maybe not.

Nevertheless, looking for jobs online is now the norm.  In fact, it’s gotten so widespread that nearly everybody has a handful of job search websites that they either follow weekly or don’t hesitate to jump on when it comes time to look for a job.

I’m sure you have your “go-to’s” as well.  Monster.  Careerbuilder.  Indeed.

These are all fantastic options that you definitely should be using to your advantage.

But’s here’s the deal. Literally every job seeker on the planet is using Heck, everyone I know uses Careerbuilder. And Indeed? Fuggetaboudit.

While these great job search websites may have the largest collection of jobs (and therefore opportunities) available online, they are also a melting pot of competitors who are out to get the exact same job you are.

To complete your job hunt arsenal you need to focus in on the industry that you are hoping to begin (or further) your career in, and to do that you sometimes need to go off the beaten path.

There are tons of other smaller, more specific “niche job search engines” that help cut through the fat and clutter of the larger job sites.

But what are the best ones?  How do you know if they are legit?

Well, Mike and I have done the heavy lifting for you and pulled together our list of some of the top lesser-known job search sites available.

With that said, here is our list of Top “Under The Radar” Job Search Engines…

Top “Under The Radar” Job Search Engines

(NOTE: To visit any of the job sites simply click their big blue headlines.)

A truly wonderful job search engine for those interested in careers in: technology, security clearance, financial services, energy, healthcare and hospitality.  By focusing on these six specialties they are able to provide you with better opportunities in your chosen field and also ensure the data you desire is up to date and easily accessible.

The name pretty much speaks for itself! is the leading global marketplace for students, employers and higher education institutions to meet in one place!  

They've got a ton of resources and tools to better help you search for and maximize internship opportunities...a great place to start if you've just graduated (or are planning for the future after graduation!).  We particularly like their "Interview" resource section...I wonder why?!? 🙂

If you have your sights set on a position in non-profit, then is THE job search engine to go to look for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.  The neat thing about this site is their search function.  Not only can you search for any of the three opportunities listed above, but you can also search for people, organizations, events or blogs.

Looking for hourly work?  The folks over at, known as "Snaggers", are VERY passionate about "fulfilling the dreams of the hourly worker."  Not only do they have a robust search function that lets you search by job or your location, but they also provide a great resource section to help make you the best hourly worker you can be.

As you approach the end of what was probably the best four years of your life, a lot of uncertainty and anxiety can set in as you walk into the "great unknown".  Don't worry, because these guys are here to help you.  

Want to hear a novel idea? helps you find a job based on three core factors: what you studied, where you studied, and when you graduated.  As a former college graduate, I can't say how refreshing this approach is.

The proliferation of technology just keeps bringing us closer and closer together, and the need for employees that speak multiple languages is growing along with it.  Enter, who do a fantastic job of connecting bilingual job seekers with the employers who require their specific set of skills, both in paid and non-profit positions.

As a champion of diversity and equality in both the interview room and the workplace (not to mention anywhere else for that matter!), we here at The Interview Guys are particularly excited about the work done by  

This wonderful job search engine protects all individuals against employment discrimination by offering the diversity population and diversity-minded employers direct access to each other.


This unique site caters to both job seekers and employers in the information technology field, using their automated recommendation system to match candidates with opportunities quickly and easily.  Other than job postings, other services offered include resume access services to enterprises, IT consulting companies, staffing agencies and independent recruiters.