Top 20 Fun Jobs That Pay Well in 2022

By Jeff Gillis

As the saying goes, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s why finding fun jobs is a smart career move. If you’re enjoying yourself, even a challenging day might not be that bad. Who wouldn’t want that?

But what is a fun job? And are there any fun jobs that also pay well? If you’re wondering where you should set your sights if you want to actually enjoy what you do, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Fun Job?

Alright, before we take a look at some of the most fun jobs around, let’s answer an important question: What exactly is a fun job?

Well, technically, fun careers can be any kind of work that you legitimately enjoy. If it sparks your passion and even the less enjoyable aspects don’t get you down, it can qualify.

Yes, this does make things a little confusing. After all, fun is in the eye of the beholder.

Think about it; some people love math, so the accountant job description might sound amazing to them. Other people loathe math, so that job description might seem terrible to them.

The trick is to figure out what really resonates with you and then head in that direction. By finding a job that you legitimately find fun, even the toughest workdays won’t seem that bad.

Top 20 Highest Paying Fun Jobs

While what qualifies as a fun career is a personal choice, it’s still smart to explore your options. With that in mind, here’s a look at 20 fund jobs that pay well that you might want to check out.

NOTE: Obviously this is a subjective list and we’re having a bit of fun here 🙂

1. Video Game Designer

If you adore video games, designing them could be a dream job. While you won’t spend all of your time playing games, you do get to have a hand in creating titles, and that’s pretty rewarding.

Usually, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree to get started. With that, making about $68,078 a year is fairly common.

2. Food Stylist

An artistic job for food lovers, food stylists make sure that all of those tasty treats you see in articles, advertisements, and videos look as delectable as possible. It’s a lot like being a makeup artist… you just use those skills on chicken nuggets, fruit, or other foods instead.

Food stylists usually make around $66,947 annually. Not too bad, right?

3. Property Caretaker

Property caretakers keep an eye on a home or other kind of private property. In most cases, you’ll have the entire space to yourself (though you may be able to bring your family). And, usually, your main duty is to simply be present, as well as handle some basic maintenance.

These roles can vary from simple housesitting gigs to long-term stays at opulent properties, often paying around $20 to $100+ per day. In some cases, you may even be able to become a private island caretaker, a position that can pay more than $100,000 a year. If it’s a tourism property and you are willing to take photographs or write blogs, you may even bring in more than $110,000 annually.

4. Stunt Person

If you’re looking for an active job with a hint of danger, working as a stunt person might be right up your alley. You might take part in combat scenes, vehicle chases, and more.

Unlike many other fun careers, stuntpeople are usually paid by the day or week. If it’s a union production, making about $1,005 for one day of work or $3,746 for a week is the norm.

5. Professional Critic

Food and movie critics share their opinions with the world. Usually, this means in writing, though some may offer up video or audio critiques as well.

How much you earn as a critic depends on the exact role you pursue. If you work for a publication, like a newspaper or established website, you may make more than if you freelance or launch your own blog, at least at first.

While how much you can earn varies, here’s an example. You may be able to bring in around $50,004 a year as a restaurant critic, all while enjoying tasty meals.

6. Sommelier

Wine aficionados rejoice. If you can’t get enough of amazing wine and have an exceptional palette, there’s a job for you. As a sommelier, your main goal is to recommend wines and wine pairings. And, to pull that off, that means you need to have had your fair share, giving you a chance to assess a wine’s characteristics accurately.

Many sommeliers do have some formal training, but it’s more like vocational school that earning a full college degree. Once you hone your skills, you could take home abour $58,602 a year sharing your love of wine with others.

7. Voice Actor

One of the fun jobs that pay well that also lets you work from home, voice actors record scripts for a range of purposes. You might tackle audio for a voiceover or play the role of a cartoon or video game character, for example.

Many voice actors freelance, giving them some flexibility. Additionally, while you may want to study voice skills or acting, you don’t technically have to. This is actually one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree, as you can earn around $42,494 a year working full-time in the field.

8. Race Engineer

If you have a college degree in a field like math, physics, or mechanical engineering, love automobiles, and want to help someone go as fast as possible, you might love a job as a race engineer. Then, you’d spend your days figuring out how to get the best performance out of a racecar, playing a critical role in the driver’s success.

Usually, race engineers make an average of $92,393 a year in base salary. However, many do cross the six-figure mark, so keep that in mind.

9. Ethical Hacker

Easily one of the more fun high paying jobs, ethical hackers spend their time identifying vulnerabilities in systems by actively trying to hack their way into company assets. Then, they provide recommendations or take action to close those doors, enhancing overall security.

With a degree and some certifications, you can actually turn this into a six-figure job. The average ethical hacker actually brings in around $106,154 annually between their salary and bonuses, and some even earn more than $141,848.

10. Netflix Tagger

If you always dreamed of getting paid to watch Netflix, you’re in luck. It’s actually possible.

The streaming giant hires people to categorize the movies and television shows it has online, adding appropriate tags to improve search capabilities.

Now, this isn’t an easy position to score, as there are only around 30 Netflix taggers across the entire world. Additionally, it isn’t a full-time gig. Still, if you are going to be streaming videos anyway, why not make some cash while you do?

11. Toy Designer

For anyone who has fond childhood memories of playing with their favorite toy, becoming a toy designer might be one of the most fun jobs around. You’ll get to design toys for today’s children and upcoming generations (as well as some adults, probably), putting your skills to work to create someone engaging and enjoyable.

As a toy designer, you could make an annual salary of about $59,439 fairly early in your career, and pay above $76,778 isn’t out of the question. Who knew that toys could be so lucrative?

12. On-Air Radio Announcer

Radio stations rely on announcers for a lot of reasons. You might introduce songs, read commercial messages, interview guests, or engage with callers.

This can be an excellent job for people who adore what the station covers – like a specific genre of music – or simply want to be in the entertainment industry. Usually, you’ll need a degree in broadcasting, journalism, or a similar field to get started.

Once you have that, making around $33,220 is the norm. However, the top 10 percent actually bring in more than $94,450, showing just how far this fun career option can go.

13. Unexploded Ordnance Technician

Alright, does the idea of things going “boom” get your blood pumping. Then you might want to explore the unique career of the unexploded ordnance technician. These pros work with undetonated explosives, ensuring that they are properly handled. In some cases, that means rendering them safe. In others, that means controlled detonations.

Now, you do have to be certified to head in this direction, and the work can be higher stress at times. Additionally, the jobs tend to be law enforcement or military. But if you go this route, you could make around $34,470 a year, all while doing something you enjoy.

14. Google Street View Driver

If you enjoy being on the road and exploring an area fully, working as a Google Street View driver might be the perfect option. You’ll simply follow your route, making sure you stay at the proper speed to capture everything you need to.

In exchange, you could make $11 to $17 per hour, which isn’t too shabby considering how low-key the work is.

15. Social Media Manager

For masters of the hashtag and social media mavens, working as a social media manager could be a perfect position. You’ll assist companies or people, honing their online presence, engaging with their audience, and ensuring every post is just right.

This is a flexible option that often lets you work from home. Additionally, securing a salary or freelance earnings near $51,322 a year is completely possible.

16. Chocolatier

If candy is what you crave, why not turn it into a profession. As a chocolatier, you’ll spend your days making tasty confections. Plus, you could snag a salary around $32,822 a year, though the top 10 percent earn more than $47,263. If that’s not sweet, what is?

17. Veterinary Technician

For animal lovers, working as a veterinary technician might be one of the most fun jobs around. You’ll care for a variety of critters, ensuring they are safe and that the appointments run smoothly.

Usually, you can get started in this field after finishing a vocational program. Once you do, earning about $35,320 annually is typical. However, the top 10 percent actually make over $51,230 a year, which is pretty nice.

18. Event Planner

As an event planner, you can help people celebrate some of the most joyous days of their lives. You might assist with weddings, birthdays, retirement shindigs, and more. Or, if you prefer a more corporate approach, you can coordinate meetings and conventions instead.

If you become an event planner, you’ll likely bring home about $50,600 a year. But the top 10 percent actually earn more than $86,390. Pretty impressive, right?

19. Freelance Writer

If you adore putting words on paper (or on-screen, as is more common), writing might be a dream job. As a freelance writer, you can have a flexible career focused on creating articles, blogs, or social media posts for other people or businesses. Plus, you can earn around $63,200 a year, which is certainly respectable.

20. Graphic Designer

If you’re a creative type looking for fun high paying jobs, graphic design might be your ideal career. Many of the positions pay pretty well, coming out near $52,110 a year. Plus, you’ll get to focus on artistic endeavors, which can be rewarding and engaging.

Typically, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree to get started. But if you’re self-taught, this could still work. Create a strong portfolio that can accompany your resume. Otherwise, explore freelancing options that don’t make a degree as critical.

Putting It All Together

Ultimately, all of the fun jobs that pay well are worth exploring. Consider where your interests lie and how you’d most like to spend your time. Then, find a fun career that feels like a match. If you do, you’ll be able to have a great career that’s actually enjoyable. And, in the end, isn’t that what life should be all about?

Thanks for reading!

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