Top 27 McDonald’s Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

By Mike Simpson

In many ways, answering McDonald’s interview questions can feel like a rite of passage. After all, one-in-eight workers in the United States worked for McDonald’s at some point in their lives.

McDonald’s isn’t just a household name; it’s a major employer. In the United States alone, there are nearly 14,000 locations, employing approximately 205,000 people. To put that in perspective, there are only about 185,000 active-duty Marines. Wow, right?

Plus, Jeff Bezos, James Franco, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Pharrell Williams are all part of that one-in-eight, each spending months or even years in a McDonald’s uniform. So, if you’re heading into a McDonald’s interview, you’re in good company.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare. Competition for any job can be surprisingly fierce. By spending some time reviewing McDonald’s interview questions and how to tackle them, you can stand out from other candidates.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t sweat it. We have your back.

How to Answer McDonald’s Interview Questions

Alright, before we dig into the McDonald’s interview questions and answers, let’s take a step back. If you really want to shine, you don’t just need to know what questions you might face, but how to handle them. What does that mean? Well, it means that it’s time to talk strategy.

A great strategy gives you a formula for answering interview questions. That way, if you’re asked something you didn’t see coming, you aren’t going to be in trouble. You’ll be able to craft a stellar response because you know how to approach answering. That can make a huge difference in the end.

So, what’s your first step? Research. Exactly what you get asked can vary a little bit depending on the exact job you want to land, so you want to take a deep dive into the job description as a starting point.

But don’t stop there. It’s also smart to take a look at the McDonald’s mission and values statements. These give you more insights into what the company views as priorities, giving you additional clues that can help you create standout answers.

Before you wrap up your research, spend a little time getting to know the McDonald’s menu if you don’t know it decently well already. You might face some McDonald’s interview questions that ask you about your favorite item, what ingredients are on a popular sandwich, or something along those lines, so it’s smart to familiarize yourself a bit with what the restaurant sells.

Now that you have some research handled, let’s talk about how to deal with various kinds of McDonald’s interview questions. In many cases, traditional job interview questions are pretty easy. They are straightforward and are mostly about stating whether you have a specific skill. For example, “Do you have experience working a cash register?” falls in this category.

With a traditional question, you usually answer with a “yes” or “no.” But, the thing is, you don’t want to stop there. If you answer “yes,” follow up with an example of where you learned that skill. That gives your response a dash of something special, essentially bringing it up to the next level.

If it’s “no,” don’t panic. Admit you don’t know, but do a quick pivot and talk about your willingness to learn. When it comes to ensuring your answer stands out, that can usually do the trick.

MIKE'S TIP: When you talk about your willingness to learn, imbue your answer with a boatload of energy. Enthusiasm about picking up new skills can get you really far, so make sure your excitement shines through. Smile, make eye contact, and clearly state that you’re looking forward to honing your capabilities. If you’re genuine and passionate, you’re probably in good shape.

But what about those tricky behavioral interview questions? How do you answer those?

Well, if you really want to sparkle when you answer McDonald’s behavioral interview questions, use the STAR Method as a foundation. Then, really deck it out by adding Tailoring Method. When combined, those two strategies create a secret sauce, making your responses relevant, engaging, and thorough.

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Top 3 McDonald’s Interview Questions

Okay, you probably have a good idea about how you can excel during your McDonald’s interview. That means it’s time for some example McDonald’s interview questions and answers.

If you want to see how the tips above can be put into action, take a look at these top three questions and responses.

1. During peak periods, this location gets shockingly busy. Are you able to perform under pressure?

Almost every McDonald’s on the planet is going to experience rushes on a regular basis. Lunch and dinner time can be incredibly hectic for many of the locations, and some get slammed during breakfast, too.

The hiring manager needs to know that the sudden onslaught of orders isn’t going to leave you disoriented or scattered. That’s why they ask this question; to see how you’d respond when the pressure gets insane.


“When the workload increases, my first step would be to follow any training I’ve received. Fast-paced periods are likely a norm for almost every McDonald’s, so I’d make use of any insights and methods the company outlines for handling them. Additionally, I’d follow every process for making food or drink items to the letter, as that will help keep me focused even during high-stress times.

Finally, I would make sure to keep my ears open. I know that priorities can change fast, so along with concentrating on my tasks, I would make sure I’m not closed off to what’s happening around me. That way, if a manager needs me to change course or reprioritize, I can do so quickly and efficiently, helping the entire team stay on target.”

2. How would you handle a customer that’s upset because their order was wrong?

McDonald’s churns out food ridiculously quickly. While most orders will likely be spot on, not everyone will. And, when something isn’t right, some customers aren’t going to handle it well.

The hiring manager needs to know that you can navigate this tricky situation. Usually, your answer needs to show that excellent customer service is your main priority and that you won’t get flustered by someone who isn’t thrilled with their experience.


“If a customer approaches me saying that their order was wrong, my first step would be to apologize for the error. I would then ask what isn’t correct and listen carefully to the customer’s response.

Once they’ve shared what about their order is incorrect, I’d repeat that information back and confirm that I have the right information. After receiving confirmation, I would reach out to the team and have the correct item expedited, ensuring that it is completed as quickly as possible.

With the right item in hand, I would then apologize again for the error as I handed them the replacement. Finally, I would smile and wish them a good day.”

3. At times, this job can be a little repetitive. How do you stay motivated to always perform to your best even if the tasks are monotonous?

McDonald’s has a set formula for how essentially every food and drink item it offers is created. The standardized approach ensures that customers have a consistent experience at every single McDonald’s they visit.

While this can be incredibly helpful for employees, as they can use the exact same process again and again, it can also make things, well, a bit boring. Hiring managers want to know that you can push through and stay focused, whether it’s your tenth time making an item or your ten-thousandth.


“Generally speaking, I enjoy having a solid routine. While some may consider the work repetitive, I believe that repeating processes allows me to get into a rhythm. Plus, I feel that this gives me an opportunity to genuinely hone that specific skill. If practice makes perfect, then repetitive tasks create the same opportunity. Each routine activity gives me a chance to get better at a core part of my job, and I find that to be incredibly motivating.”

24 More McDonald’s Interview Questions

Here are 24 more McDonald’s interview questions you might encounter when meeting with the hiring manager:

      1. Why do you want to work at McDonald’s?
      2. What can you tell me about the McDonald’s company?
      3. What about the fast-food industry appeals to you?
      4. Why are you picking McDonald’s over other fast-food restaurants?
      5. What is your availability?
      6. If a coworker called out sick on your day off and your manager reached out asking if you could work, how would you respond?
      7. Are your math skills strong? Can you add and subtract quickly in your head?
      8. Do you have any cash handling experience?
      9. Tell me about your cooking experience?
      10. What does “great customer service” mean to you?
      11. If hired, how long do you plan on staying in this job?
      12. Which of your strengths would make you a great McDonald’s employee?
      13. Do you have any weaknesses that could cause you to struggle in this position?
      14. What valuable trait or skills would you bring to the team?
      15. If a customer was known for frequently complaining in an attempt to get free food, what would you do when they came up to place an order?
      16. If your manager asked you to do something that went against company policy, what would you do?
      17. How would you handle it if you saw a coworker take $1 from the register and pocket the money?
      18. Tell me about a time where you had to work fast to meet a deadline?
      19. If a customer was berating a teammate, what would you do?
      20. Describe a time where you worked as part of a team. What role did you take on? Was your team successful?
      21. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a teammate. How did you handle the situation?
      22. If you are hired, what are you looking forward to most about working for McDonald’s?
      23. Tell me about a time when you had to step up as a leader. What was the situation, and what was the outcome?
      24. Where do you see yourself in five years?

5 Good Questions to Ask at the End of a McDonald’s Interview

As your McDonald’s interview comes to an end, you usually get an opportunity. Most hiring managers will ask if you have any questions for them, and this is a moment you want to seize.

By asking smart questions, you do more than gather information that can help you decide if the job is right for you; you also make yourself look like a more engaged candidate. In some cases, that alone can separate you from the pack, increasing your odds of getting a job offer.

If you aren’t sure what you should ask the hiring manager, no worries. We have your back. Here are five good questions to ask at the end of your McDonald’s interview.

    1. What about working for McDonald’s surprised you when you first started?
    2. If you could give new hires one piece of advice, what would it be and why?
    3. What is the biggest challenge this McDonald’s location faces? How can this position help solve it?
    4. Can you tell me about a typical day in this job?
    5. What do your most successful employees in this role have in common? What about your least successful hires?

Putting It All Together

Ultimately, any job interview can be intimidating, including a McDonald’s interview. But you have a leg up! Simply review all of the information above and use it to your advantage.

By harnessing the power of those tips, you can stand out as a candidate. So, make use of every tidbit. If you do, your odds of landing that McDonald’s job might go way up, allowing you to snag the position you wanted to score.

Good luck at the interview!

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