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Use Our Step-By-Step Checklist To Answer 25 Of The Most Common Behavioral Interview Questions You're Most Likely To Face

  • 25 Common Behavioral Questions These are the ones you are most likely to face and that you need to be ready for. (As you'll see, hiring managers rely on a few common behavioral question categories far more than others)
  • Tips On How To Answer Each Type Of Question Hiring managers are looking for you to show that you possess a specific desirable behavior. Discover exactly what they are looking for with each type of question and how you can answer in a way that shows that you are a "perfect fit".
  • Traps To Avoid A lot of behavioral questions contain traps that aren't obvious on "first listen". Use this checklist so you can side step the mistakes that other job seekers make.

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Behavioral interview questions are the bane of many an interviewer and have ruined countless interviews in the past. Unfortunately, behavioral questions are being used by more and more companies around the world. You need to be ready for them. Our handy PDF checklist will give you a simple step-by-step way to get prepared for the most common behavioral questions and will breakdown exactly what the hiring manager wants to hear from you with each type of question.

Jeff Gillis & Mike Simpson