How Can We Help You?

Do you have any questions for us?  Is there something on our site that is giving you trouble? If so, you're in the right place!

Hello Job Seekers!

Do you have any questions for us?  Is there something on our site that is giving you trouble?

Please take a look below, as we have provided answers to the most common questions we get. 

If for some reason the question you have is not covered below, please email us at and we will do our best to answer your question.

- Jeff & Mike

General Help FAQ

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Who are Jeff Gillis and Mike Simpson "The Interview Guys?

Well, we started out as two “Average Joes” just trying to make a living in this world.  Now, we’re two of the top career experts online thanks to discovering (and applying!) a new approach to job interviewing.

Click here to head over to our “About” page and learn more about us!

What do Jeff and Mike specialize in?

For the most part, we’ve been masters at getting job interviews and getting job offers from those interviews.  But lately we’ve expanded our expertise to include personal branding, website building and career advancement (including getting promotions!).

What is the best way to contact Jeff and Mike?

If you want a quick response, email is always the way to go.  We do have a phone line, but with all of the requests we get for help we aren’t able to respond to all of our voicemails.

So send an email to our Support Desk and we’ll generally get back to you within an hour or two. (

Do Jeff and Mike actually answer emails?

We do!  The Interview Guys generally answer about 90% of the emails we receive, with our customer support intern usually helping us with the rest when we get too swamped.

Can the Interview Guys provide me with job opportunities I can apply for?  Are the Interview Guys hiring?

Unfortunately, we are not hiring at this time. But if a position does ever open up, our members will be the first people to know about it.

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Does work on all web browsers and devices?

Yes it does! Although it helps to ensure that your browser software is always updated with the latest version.

Are the Interview Guys on social media?

Of course! And we’d love you to connect with us. Please add us on the following networks:






Do Jeff and Mike see my comments on the blog articles?

We see most of the comments, but as you can imagine (with the amount of comments we get), we can’t possible see and respond to every single one. We do our best though!

Can Jeff and Mike help me with individual problems or requests? Can I get private coaching from the Interview Guys?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer private coaching at this time. When we started this site, our objective was to teach our methods to as many people as possible, which is what we try to focus on.

It would be impossible for the two of us to run the site and give private coaching. But we wouldn’t leave you hanging! Instead, we’ve partnered with our friends at LinkedIn to offer you access to the best personal coaches available both online and in your area.

Click here to learn more about LinkedIn Profinder.

I want Jeff or Mike to help me improve my cover letter and resume. Do they do this?

Similar answer to the one above. At this time, we are not offering resume/cover letter writing or improvement services. But you know who is? LinkedIn Profinder! Click here to learn more about their awesome free tool.

I no longer want to receive emails from the Interview Guys. How do I unsubscribe?

Every email we send should have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of it. Simply click the link and follow the directions. If for some reason the link does not appear, email and request to be removed and we will take care of it!

I’ve noticed that you are selling products on your site. Why isn’t everything free?

As much as we’d like to provide all of our products for free, owning and operating a website incurs costs that we have to foot the bill for. Similarly, we are constantly working at developing new and exciting products for you to sink your teeth into. Both of these things require us to spend some money, so we developed some premium products to help pay the bills!

Downloadable Free PDF (Cheat Sheets etc.) FAQ

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Where do I find your free downloadable PDF’s?

Many of our blog articles offer free PDF downloads. Simply read through the blog articles and you can’t miss them!

Is there any charge for your PDF’s?

No, they are absolutely free!

I haven’t received the PDF I requested. Why?

We deal with a lot of email volume, so occasionally it takes a little longer for our emails to leave our queue.

Similarly, when dealing with students from all over the world with different email providers, it is difficult for each one of our emails to make it through the countless spam filters and security settings.

If you put your email in, we have tried to send you your PDF and for whatever reason, it has not made it into your inbox. If 30 minutes has gone by and you haven’t yet received it, please email us at and we will gladly send it again.

I have requested several different PDF’s but have not received them all. Where are they?

All of our PDF’s live in one place, and we send you access to this place when you try to download a free PDF. Once you request one PDF, our system thinks you’ve received it and therefore doesn’t keep sending you emails. We do this to ensure your email inbox is getting bombarded with annoying emails.

Interview Master Guide Help

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What is the Interview Master Guide?

The Master Guide is a digital-only all-in-one job interview preparation guidebook. It contains our best strategies for preparing for your upcoming interview along with over 100 of the most commonly asked job interview questions (along with answers to each question).

Learn more about the Interview Master Guide here.

Is a hard copy book available?

We do not offer hard copy books at this time. Why? Because most of our students only have 24-48 hours to prepare for their job interview, and it is too costly