Products From The Interview Guys

  • The Interview Master Guide

    The Master Guide has been sold over 10,000 copies all over the world. It has over 100 job interview questions, along with perfect answers for each. On top of that the guide reveals the keys to each question and the traps to avoid. The guide covers more than just questions and answers however as it outlines Jeff & Mike’s “Tailoring” method that turns you into the company’s “Perfect Candidate”.

  • The Interview Master System

    This is the A-Z of Job Interview Preparation. Jeff & Mike walk you through every step of preparing for your interview and how to transform yourself into their “Perfect Candidate” through the use of “over the shoulder” videos as well as powerful worksheets, checklists and cheat sheets that will get you as prepared as you could possibly be. The system comes complete with the Master Guide and several bonuses as well…