The Interview Master Guide is jam packed with job getting tactics including over 110 job interview questions you could face (both traditional and behavioral) along with perfect answers to each, the traps to avoid and an in depth discussion breaking down exactly what the hiring manager is looking for with each question and a ton more...

Hello job seeker!

I'm glad to see you are taking your job search seriously and are looking to take steps to becoming a "Master" of the interview room.

Hi, it’s Jeff & Mike. We need to ask you a very important question:

Are you TRULY prepared for your job interview…?

Are you ABSOLUTELY sure about that?

Are you sure you’re ready to answer any one of the hundreds of possible interview questions that the hiring manager can throw at you, including tough behavioral questions?

Remember, they’re going to be asking for a ridiculous amount of job-specific information. They’re going to be asking you about your past successes, described in detail. You need to provide stats. Numbers. Names of people you worked with. They’re going to want to know specific dates. They’ll want to know successes. Failures. Processes.

You need to be able to include these details in your answers to the difficult questions they throw at you.

question-mark-smallest "Why is there a gap in your resume?"

question-mark-smallest "You don't have all of the skills and experience for this job. How do you intend to make for all your shortcomings?"

question-mark-smallest "Tell me about a time you had to gain the cooperation of a group over which you had little or no authority. What did you do and how effective were you?"


question-mark-smallest "Tell me about yourself..." (Sounds simple, but almost everybody screws this one up)

question-mark-smallest "What is your greatest weakness?" (Don't let this one scare you. We give you a specific way to answer this)

question-mark-smallest "What kind of salary are you looking for?" (One small slip on this one and you can be out of the running in an instant)

question-mark-smallest "Why have you had so many jobs in the span of a few years?" (Learn our strategic approach to this question. Prove your reliability)

question-mark-smallest "Why should we hire you?" (An opportunity to sell yourself that most people miss)

question-mark-smallest "Why were you let go from your last job?" (Oh oh... Get this one wrong and it's curtains for your chances)

question-mark-smallest "What would your last boss say about you?" (Remember they can find out, so you have to play this one carefully)

question-mark-smallest "What can you do for us that no else can?" (You better be able to back it up. Are you prepared to answer this one strategically?)

question-mark-smallest "What would you say to your boss if he told you to do something that was wrong. and you knew that if you did it there would be sever consequences?"

question-mark-smallest "Tell me about a time you were able to successfully get a job done even when you were working with a person you had conflicts with..."

question-mark-smallest "Tell me about a time when you made a mistake that affected a client adversely and how you coped with it..."

question-mark-smallest "Recall a time you used logic to save your company money..."

question-mark-smallest "Give me an example of a situation in which personality conflicts threatened to derail a project and how you coped with that..."

question-mark-smallest "Describe a time you had to bring two departments together to work more effectively with each other..."

question-mark-smallest "Tell me about a time when you counseled an employee to improve his or her performance but your efforts to help failed..."

question-mark-smallest "Describe a time you presented ideas to a group of people with varying needs and personalities..."

Look, we know how demoralizing and difficult that preparing for a job interview can be. Especially now that you know the level of interview questions the hiring manager is going to level at you...

If you're anything like we were, you've probably found yourself scouring the internet, studying and analyzing the company and staying up all night worrying about what questions you will face.

It can be an absolute nightmare!

That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve condensed everything we know about interviews into one place...

The Interview Master Guide is your step-by-step blueprint for getting a job offer from your very next interview…

It’s like someone sliding the hiring manager’s notes under your door the night before your interview. The exact questions he’s going to ask AND the answers he wants to hear from you, all laid out in black and white…

The Master Guide is jam-packed with over 110 of the toughest interview questions and answers that you WILL face on the hot seat…But that’s just the half of it. We’ll also teach you Jeff & Mike’s secret Tailoring Method that all of the top interviewers today are using to get jobs…PLUS a ton more...

It’s like having the Interview Guys Jeff and Mike riding shotgun with you in the interview room, whispering all of the correct answers into your ear - though less creepy than if that actually happened 😉

The Master Guide is extremely easy to use. Imagine how easy it’s going to be for you to prepare for your interview when you have all the questions that you’re going to be asked combined with laser-focused answers provided by the Interview Guys…

All of the questions and answers you are going to need, carefully organized, right at your fingertips…

But let’s take it a step further. The Master Guide is so convenient, so easy to use and laid out so well, that you can literally pick it up THE MORNING OF YOUR INTERVIEW and instantly increase your chances of nailing your interview two fold…

And since the Master Guide is in eBook format, you can literally get started within a few seconds of registering…you won’t have to wait for two weeks for the book to be mailed to you…

Why an eBook instead of a traditional hard copy book?

Well, because in this fast-paced and competitive world, we know how crucial every second is… And we want you to be able to get started getting a leg up on your competition in a matter of minutes…

Picture yourself sitting on the “hot seat” knowing exactly what they’re going to ask you even before they open their mouth…

Not only that, think about how good you’ll feel when without hesitating, you deliver a smooth, confident answer that blows the hiring manager away…

This is the “ace up your sleeve” that you are going to have as a result of having the Master Guide in your back pocket…

Not only that, but imagine how you’ll feel when you walk out of the interview room with a job offer in your back pocket, only two weeks away from your first big pay check and a happier, more secure life…

Okay, so by now you’re probably asking yourself, what exactly is in the Master Guide?

     Well, here is what you get:

  • Over 110 of the most common and toughest interview questions, the result of Mike’s 11-months of research into the job interview process
  • Each question laid out in a quick-reference, bulleted format that will allow you to focus on the most important stuff so you can hit the ground running and get prepared as quickly as possible (even if you’re interview is coming up fast)…
  • Answers to over 50 of the most common and difficult traditional questions that you are almost guaranteed to be asked (these are the foundation questions that you absolutely MUST know how to answer)
  • Answers to over 50 behavioral questions so that you can plug and play your own experiences to make perfect interview answers
  • An in-depth discussion for each question that reveals EXACTLY what the hiring manager is looking for so that you are able to give them EXACTLY what they want
  • Our “Hiring Manager Certified” Top 10 “Questions to Ask the Interviewer” (use these game-changers to turn the tables in your favor)
  • Detailed “Interview-Type Prep” section so that you are prepared for any kind of interview they will throw at you (on the phone, over Skype, in front of a panel and more)
  • Jeff and Mike’s Pre-Interview Preparation Plan so that you walk into your interview a well-oiled machine
  • Quick-reference “Do’s and Don’ts” so that you avoid the interview traps that so many others don’t (trust us: there are more of these then you think, and they will derail your chances of getting a job in a flash…sometimes before you even set foot in the room)
  • Nerve-coaching from the Interview Guys that will blast your uneasy feelings so that you can be laser-focused and confident when you land in the hot seat
  • PLUS - The Interview Guys’ world-famous 3-step Tailoring Method so that your entire interview is customized and tailored to the company you are interviewing with (this will make the Hiring Manager see you in the role before you’re even hired!)

Considering we sell our one on one coaching services for hundreds of dollars an hour and the fact that we've condensed all of our knowledge into this guide...the value in the guide is really off the charts..

But don’t worry, because you are not going to be paying hundreds of dollars for this information...

You can get access to the Master Guide for just $47.

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Think about how you’ll feel when you see the look on the hiring managers face as her mouth hangs open in astonishment at the perfect answers you deliver, while shortly after you walk out of the interview with a job offer in your back pocket.

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