Copy Our Exact Proven Method That Gets People Jobs With Our Interview "Cheat Sheet"

In this article, leading job interview experts Jeff & Mike “The Interview Guys” reveal their EXACT job getting method in their "Job Interview Road Map". (It's like having a "Crib Sheet" of all THE most critical things you MUST know before setting foot in the interview room...)

"Get everything you need to get a job offer from your next interview - all on one simple, brain-dead easy cheat-sheet"

January 21, 2020

Dear Job Seeker,

Have you ever had an interview you thought you absolutely NAILED, only to basically wait by the phone for a couple days for the call that never comes?

Have you ever gone the extra mile and spent time practicing your answers to interview questions and researching the company online only to fall completely flat on your face in the interview?

And have you ever walked into the room brimming with confidence only to have your hopes crushed as you melt into a puddle of nerves right in front of the hiring manager?

Or do you simply feel like you just plain STINK at interviewing?

The fact is, 96% of job seekers fail to get a job offer because they make one of three crucial job interview mistakes:

  1. Relying on Google as a quick-fix for questions and answers
  2. Not "tailoring" their interview to the company they're interviewing with
  3. Answering behavioral questions incorrectly

Here's the thing...

Most people do all the hard work of getting the interview and then blow it in the first 5 minutes because they end up getting tongue tied, nervous or wind up stepping into one of the DOZENS of interview TRAPS laid out by the hiring manager...

If you feel like you've ever been in that situation, I totally understand!  I've been there 🙁

The fact is, It’s not your fault...

Your high school, college or university never taught you how to properly prepare for a job interview, so you were left to fend for yourself.

So what did you do?

What everyone else in your shoes does - jump on the Internet and dig around for whatever tidbits of info you could find.

Here’s the problem.

As useful a tool as it is, the Internet is filled with 90% garbage.

So you end up shooting yourself in the foot before you even know it...

It baffles me that schools still don't take it upon themselves to teach their students the incredibly crucial skill of job interviewing!

Pffeeww....Sorry bout my mini rant... 🙂

Anyway, no need to worry because the Interview Guys are here to help...

We wanted to make it as BRAIN-DEAD easy as possible for our students to get a job offer from their next interview -

  • WITHOUT the hassle of searching around online for questions and answers (that probably aren't even correct in the first place and CERTAINLY aren't customized to the most important person - YOU)
  • WITHOUT having to waste hours upon end trying to figure out how to answer those tricky behavioral questions that we all dislike so much
  • And definitely WITHOUT being completely stressed out about that moment when your nerves grab hold of you and completely sink your chances of walking out of the interview room with a job offer in your back pocket.

So we created a virtual "Road Map" that would give you a clear and concise path that would take you from being unprepared to being absolutely rock solid BEYOND prepared...all in one easy to digest "cheat sheet"...


Jeff & Mike's Job Interview Road Map

Now, you could go out combing through dubious websites and read up on dozens of books, trying to navigate through a ton of information, a lot of which might not even be right (and can oftentimes actually get you eliminated from contention with one wrong tidbit of advice)…


You can just have an "Cheat Sheet" at your fingertips that contains everything you need to ensure you get a job offer from your interview.


No clutter or confusion... Everything you need to know, all laid out in easy to follow steps...

"Guys, you couldn't possibly fit EVERYTHING I need to know for my job interview on ONE sheet...?"

companion-guide-cover-small…which we’ll admit is somewhat true. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into a job interview and to say that we could fit it all on one sheet would mean we either used 2 pt font or that we left a whole bunch of stuff out!

So while the font still might be a little small, in order to make sure you could still read what was on the sheet while keeping you 100% covered, what we’ve done is summarized everything you need to know into a quick-reference format, and paired it with our Companion Guide, which is jammed full of the extra details that we couldn’t fit on the one sheet and basically acts as your job interview guide book.

When used in tandem, the Road Map and its Companion Guide will make it infinitely faster, easier and completely stress-free to get ready for your job interview…

And MOST importantly, will be the advantage you need to get a job offer from your next

While the other candidates are panicking and sweating through their shirt in the interview room because they spent their preparation time totally unfocused, without any direction and studying a bunch of suspect info from the internet, you'll be calm and collected, answering the hiring manager's questions with ease and showing them that you are their "Perfect Candidate".

Here’s the deal...

By following the 9 st