Job Search Trick: "I Wasn't Getting Any Interviews Until I Added A Link To My Own Personal Blog On My Resume"

(In This Article I'm Going To Show You How Having Your Own (Simple) Blog Will Get You More Job Interviews AND How You Can Get One Started In Under 10 Minutes)

By Jeff Gillis

It all started with an email.

Last July I received a very intriguing email from one our students named Lisa.

She was super excited because she had just received 2 job offers in the education field and wanted to thank us for the training and tips she had gotten from our website. (Thanks Lisa!)

But that's not the cool part.

To thank us, she wanted to let us in on a new trick she had been using to get WAY more interviews than she had been up until that point.

She said that once she put a "link" to her own blog on her cover letter and resume she started getting A LOT more interviews. (Her emphasis lol)

She explained that hiring managers would often comment on her blog when she got into the interview room.

The blog gave them something to talk about right off the bat which got her started off on the right foot and really calmed her nerves.

Pretty cool right?

I thanked Lisa for her email and wished her luck at her new job. (Hope everything is going well Lisa!)

And after getting caught up in work I pretty much forgot about the email.

Until I got another email.

This time from a blog reader named Corin around a month later.

In it he pretty much echoed what Lisa had said.... Adding a link to his personal website started getting him way more interviews.

So I finally clued in and started doing some research.

I started contacting the students I knew had recently been successful. After about 30 different email exchanges and few Skype sessions, I started to get excited.

But I wanted to be 100% sure that this was actually "a thing" so I got on the horn and started calling the hiring managers that I know.

Did job seekers with blogs get more interview and more jobs?

Apparently, Yes.

And it made sense when I heard their side of things:

Having a link to a blog/website where they could see more of the applicant, what they were all about, made them more unique and more memorable. Hence, they were brought in for more interviews.

I started to see the power of this tactic.

There was one more check to do. I went online to see who else was talking about this, and there were no shortage of articles (Idealist, Business Insider and Forbes, to name a few).

Get this. Apparently 56% of hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate's blog than any other piece of their portfolio.

Listen, there's a window of opportunity here for you, and it's going to close eventually.

Having a blog is going to be mandatory for a job application in the not-to-distant future. But right now is a unique time where not everybody has one.

You need to jump on this opportunity.

Here's the funny thing. Most people don't do it because they think it's a royal pain in the neck and they think it's going to be expensive and take forever.

But in reality with the way things are set up on the internet these days, it's super easy to make a blog. It barely costs anything and you can get started in about 10 minutes!

After doing a bunch of research on this whole personal blog/website thing I've come to realize that job seekers need to raise their game these days.

They need to become JOB SEEKER 2.0

That means YOU need to become job seeker 2.0.

What does that mean?

Applying For a Job: From The Job Seeker 2.0 Handbook

Gone are the days when simply emailing off your resume and cover letter and waiting for a phone call is the best way to secure a job interview.

According to Ken Sundheim (CEO of KAS Placement Sales and Marketing Recruiters):

More and more often, job seekers who simply rely on a resume and / or cover letter (even a LinkedIn profile isn’t as helpful as it once was) are frequently outflanked by those who carry a robust online presence.

Ken Sundheim
CEO of KAS Placement Sales and Marketing Recruiters

Here’s the situation: The hiring manager of today still sits at their desk with a stack of resumes in front of them.

The difference is, the pile today is made up of two kinds of job seekers. The traditional ones who have submitted their cover letters and resumes and if they were feeling really advanced, included their newly-polished LinkedIn profile (Job Seeker 1.5?).

And then there are the Job Seeker 2.0’s. Who along with the standard pieces listed above have also included a link to their personal blog.

To what? Their “blog” or personal website.

Now for those of you that are not hip to the lingo, a blog is basically a personal website that shares both information about you (or the theme of your site) and allows you to share information in the form of blog posts (or articles), photos, videos and other media.

Jeff's Note: Personal Website vs. Blog

In reality there isn't too much different between a blog and a website these days. For the purposes of this article however, think of a personal website almost as an online business card (see example 1 below). In my opinion, this type of simple website should be the absolute bare minimum you have. A blog allows you to share more information and show your expertise more (See examples 2 and 3).

Personal Blog/Website Examples

This a good example of a super simple "personal website". It's consists of just 3 pages but it gets the job done! (You should have a site like this at the very least in my opinion)