34 Top Analytical Skills For Job Seekers

By Jeff Gillis

Odds are, if you’ve looked through the job listings lately, you’ll have come across numerous hiring managers looking for individuals who possess analytical skills.

But what exactly are analytical skills?

What are Analytical Skills?

Analytical skill is the ability for an individual to solve complex issues by gathering and then analyzing the information that is available to them through a variety of other skills including critical thinking, research, and attention to detail.

In a nutshell, it’s applying logical thinking based on facts rather than making decisions based on emotional responses.

Analytical Skills and Job Seeking

In today’s increasingly complex world, hiring managers want employees who are analytical thinkers and problem solvers, especially when it comes to leadership positions. Candidates who possess analytical skills are better equipped to deal with employees and problem solving. They’re also often better at developing positive business relationships and making sound business decisions.

Of course, highlighting these skills on your resume and your cover letter doesn’t have to be reserved just for leadership positions. Employers are always looking for individuals who are competent and flexible problem solvers. And when it comes time for the interview, if you’re asked to illustrate an example of a time you used analytical skills to solve a problem, don’t forget to include your thought process and what analytical skills you used.

Top Analytical Skills For Job Seekers

Here is a list of top analytical skills employers find valuable in candidates:

  1. Analysis skills
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Budgeting skills
  4. Calculating skills
  5. Computing skills
  6. Classifying skills
  7. Communication skills
  8. Comparison skills
  9. Complexity skills
  10. Conflict resolution skills
  11. Creativity
  12. Critical thinking skills
  13. Data processing skills
  14. Decision making skills
  15. Deductive reasoning
  16. Diagnosis skills
  17. Evaluation skills
  18. Examination and investigative skills
  19. Financial management skills
  20. Information gathering skills
  21. Investigative skills
  22. Judgement skills
  23. Logical thinking skills
  24. Management skills
  25. Math and number skills
  26. Organizational skills
  27. Planning skills
  28. Prioritization skills
  29. Problem analysis skills
  30. Problem identification skills
  31. Problem solving skills
  32. Research skills
  33. Reasoning skills
  34. Troubleshooting skills

Now that we know what analytical skills are, how do we best showcase them for potential employers? Here’s your first opportunity to really use those analytical skills!

How To Use Analytical Skills in Your Job Search

Start by first reading the job description and really focusing in on what specific analytical skills the hiring manager is looking for. Make sure to highlight those in your cover letter as well as in your resume. While it’s critical to include relevant skills in the professional details of these documents, if your analytical skills also cover your interest and activities, include those as well!

Make sure you’re being thorough and listing the individual skills you have. Don’t just list “analytical skills” on your resume or cover letter and leave it at that. A potential employer will want to know exactly what you’re bringing to the position, so be thorough (that’s attention to detail…another analytical skill!)

The same goes for the interview process. If asked by a hiring manager to give an example of a time you use analytical skills to solve a problem, don’t be afraid to go into depth. Don’t go too far, but make sure you give concrete examples of the skills you used to come to the decision you made and why you did things the way you did them.

Good luck!

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