Top 20 Best-Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

jobs in consumer services

By Jeff Gillis The consumer services industry is booming, creating ample opportunities for anyone who wants a fulfilling – and potentially lucrative – career. Some of the best-paying jobs in consumer services don’t just start with strong salaries; they also offer plenty of room for growth, allowing you to boost your earnings as you gain…

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Top 20 Best-paying Jobs in Public Utilities

jobs in public utilities

By Jeff Gillis Working in public utilities can be incredibly rewarding. You’re ensuring that critical services are available to communities, supporting everyone in the area. Plus, some of the best-paying jobs in public utilities are incredibly lucrative, allowing you to meet your financial needs, too. So, if you’re looking for a new career, checking out…

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Top 50 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

highest paying jobs without a degree

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 7/12/2022 When people picture jobs that don’t require degrees, they normally picture positions without a lot of potential. Maybe your mind went to retail or fast food, for example, which are typically close to minimum wage. The thing is, while those jobs are options, some of the highest-paying jobs without a…

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Top 60 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

fun jobs that pay well

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 7/12/2022 As the saying goes, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s why finding fun jobs that pay well is a smart career move. If you’re enjoying yourself, even a challenging day might not be that bad. Who wouldn’t want that? But what…

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Top 35 Highest Paying Blue-Collar Jobs

By Jeff Gillis Blue-collar jobs bring a lot to the table, potentially serving as the basis for lucrative careers. However, like all professions, not all blue-collar jobs are created equal. Instead, some are far more lucrative than others. Additionally, many people don’t realize that their blue-collar job definition isn’t actually accurate. As a result, they…

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19 Best Jobs For 12-Year-Olds That Pay

jobs for 12 year olds that pay

By Jeff Gillis For many adults, the idea of working as a 12-year-old might seem odd. However, jobs for 12-year-olds can give a tween more than a bit of cash; it can teach them about responsibility, accountability, dedication, and so much more. Figuring out how to make money as a 12-year-old is a bit tricky.…

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Top 15 High Paying Certificate Jobs

high paying certificate jobs

By Jeff Gillis Not everyone wants to spend four years in college to launch their career. However, that doesn’t mean they want to completely sacrifice their earning potential either. Luckily, some of the highest-paying certificate jobs are here to fill that gap. While certificate programs are education beyond high school, they don’t take nearly as…

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How To Write A Letter Of Introduction For Job Seekers (Samples Included)

letter of introduction

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 6/14/2022 For many job seekers, nothing’s more frustrating than the words, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” What if you don’t know anyone? Perhaps you’ve moved to a new city, switched industries, or simply didn’t recognize the importance of networking until recently. How can talented individuals in this…

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15 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

highest paying freelance jobs

By Jeff Gillis Many professionals dream of launching a freelancing career, giving them a level of control over the work they don’t otherwise get. However, it’s also normal to wonder if you can earn a “real” living as a freelancer, especially if you leave a traditional role behind. If you’re curious about the highest-paying freelance…

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22 Best Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Pay Well

By Jeff Gillis Most 13-year-olds would love to have their own spending money. Since that’s the case, they might start hunting for jobs for 13-year-olds to see what options are available. While traditional jobs that hire at 13 are few and far between, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some solid opportunities. Here is a look…

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