Top 30 Best Buy Interview Questions (Sample Answers Included)

By Mike Simpson

With over 1,000 stores and about 100,000 employees across the United States and Canada, calling Best Buy a major employer feels like an understatement. For anyone who’s a fan of electronics, the company may feel like a particularly good fit, too.

The thing is, you need to make sure you nail the Best Buy interview questions to snag this opportunity. Why? Because a lot of people want to work there, so you’re going to face some competition.

Fortunately, it’s possible to put your best foot forward. If you need to get ready for Best Buy video interview questions or an in-person meeting, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Answer Best Buy Interview Questions

Before we dive into the Best Buy interview questions, let’s take a second to talk about how to approach your answers. After all, Best Buy is a retail giant that actively strives to empower its workers, so you may face a surprising amount of competition.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should panic while you prepare for your Best Buy interview. Instead, you simply need to prepare.

Step one is always research. Spend time reviewing the job description. Look for anything listed as a must-have or nice-to-have skill. That way, if you have it, you can make sure to incorporate it into some of your interview answers.

You should look for any mentions of soft skills, as well as any hints about the mindset or personality they’re after. This helps you figure out other points to mention in your responses, as well as how to present yourself when meeting with the hiring manager.

After that, check out the company’s mission and values. Also, see if you can find details about your specific store and learn about Best Buy’s culture by reviewing its website and social media pages.

By thoroughly researching Best Buy and the job, you’ll have an easier time developing relevant answers. You’ll be able to speak to that hiring manager’s unique needs, as well as work in some details that help you stand out from other candidates.

Second, you want to practice your answers to the three main kinds of interview questions. First, you have the traditional ones. These are straightforward questions that ask if you have specific skills or kinds of experience, which makes them pretty easy to answer.

Next, you have behavioral interview questions. With these, the hiring manager wants to learn more about how you act on the job, so they ask you to provide examples of how you’ve responded to various scenarios. Usually, a mix of the STAR method and the Tailoring Method can help you tackle these.

Finally, there are situational interview questions. These ask you to describe how you’d navigate a particular problem, incident, or situation. In many cases, the scenarios here are hypothetical, so you don’t necessarily have to pull from past experience when creating an answer. However, you’d still use the STAR method and the Tailoring Method, as those give your answer the right structure and relevancy.

MIKE'S TIP: If you have specific experience that relates to a situational interview question, by all means, mention it. While the hiring manager may be offering a hypothetical, and you don’t necessarily need to have an example from your past to share, if you do have an example, that can work in your favor. Then, you’re not hypothesizing about how you’d act; you’re relaying facts that show just how you’d respond. In some cases, that can set you apart from the competition, particularly if you shined along the way.

Top 3 Best Buy Interview Questions

Now that you have a general idea of how to answer Best Buy interview questions, it’s time to check out some examples. These questions are some of the more common ones candidates encounter, often regardless of the position they’re trying to land. Just know that you’ll also face some role-specific questions, too, so dig into the job description to prepare for that.

If you’re ready to dive in, here are the top three Best Buy interview questions and example answers.

1. Why do you want to work at Best Buy?

When it comes to Best Buy video interview questions, this is a popular ice breaker. It helps the hiring manager learn more about what attracted you to the company or discover if you didn’t have a motivation besides needing a job.

Usually, you want to tap on a few points with your answer. First, mention something about Best Buy as an employer that piqued your interest. Second, discuss how your capabilities align with the job. That showcases a fit on two fronts, which can work in your favor.


“I actually want to work for Best Buy for a few reasons. First, I’m an avid gamer and tech aficionado, so I feel I have a good grasp of many of your core product lines. Second, my past customer service experience would allow me to reach full productivity quickly. Couple that with my desire to help people, and the role feels like a great match.

Finally, Best Buy has a reputation for having a strong training program. I believe that will help me grow my capabilities and acquire new skills, allowing me to become more effective as I continue down this career path.”

2. What does “customer service” mean to you?

This is a question that might show up in an in-person meeting, though it may also be one of the Best Buy video interviews you encounter. With this, the hiring manager wants to get some insights into your mindset.

Ultimately, customer service is part of many Best Buy roles, including behind the scenes positions that support other employees. As a result, it’s highly relevant in nearly every situation, increasing the odds you’ll encounter this question.


“To me, customer service is the act of fulfilling needs while maintaining a positive attitude. It’s about going the extra mile to not just solve problems or provide assistance but doing so with a smile on your face and with a pleasant tone, even in challenging situations.

Through customer service, it’s possible to shape the customer experience. No matter the starting point, it’s possible to turn it into something special and memorable, giving the customer a positive impression that they’ll carry with them long after they leave the store.”

3. Sell me this phone.

Best Buy is a big fan of situational questions. Since many of their positions involve engaging with customers, you might get asked to sell the hiring manager on a particular product or service as part of the interview process.

Technically, this is a variant of the classic “Sell me this pen” interview question, which is common for a sales job. It just features a product that Best Buy sells, which can make it a bit more relevant.

This question is unique in that you actually want to engage in a back-and-forth with the hiring manager. Ask questions to learn about their needs or reservations. Then, you can address the right points in your answer.


Here’s an example of how to approach it.

You: “I see that you’re looking at our phone selection. Can I ask what you’re looking for in a phone?”

Hiring Manager: “Well, I love taking pictures, so what I’m really after is memory and a quality camera.”

You: “Excellent. This phone is a great option for that. Along with a 108 MP wide-angle camera on the rear and two other 12 MP cameras, there’s a 40 MP front-facing camera for high-quality selfies. Plus, it comes with up to 1 TB of internal storage, giving you space for 20,000 images from a 108 MP camera, or around 250,000 if you use one of the 12 MP rear cameras instead. That could make it a great choice for you. Would you like to move forward with the purchase?”

27 More Best Buy Interview Questions

Here are 27 more Best Buy interview questions you might encounter:

    1. Are you available evenings, weekends, and holidays?
    2. Tell me about a customer service moment you’re particularly proud of.
    3. What products are you most comfortable discussing with customers?
    4. If you had a disagreement with a coworker, how would you handle it?
    5. Tell me about your customer service experience?
    6. How would you deal with a hostile customer?
    7. What do you like about technology? What do you dislike?
    8. What electronic devices do you use regularly?
    9. Are you a gamer? If so, what’s your preferred platform?
    10. What’s the biggest customer service challenge you’ve ever faced?
    11. Tell me about a time when you had to meet a tight deadline?
    12. If a customer asked you for advice when picking out a smartphone, what would you do?
    13. If you saw a damaged product on the shelf, what would you do?
    14. How would you react if you spotted a shoplifter?
    15. Tell me about a time when it was difficult to remain polite and courteous when dealing with a customer.
    16. Has there ever been a time when you followed a policy even though it was difficult?
    17. Have you ever violated a policy for any reason? If so, what was the nature of the policy, and why did you go against it?
    18. Which of your traits make you a good team member?
    19. What about this specific position appeals to you?
    20. What would you do if a customer arrived speaking a language that no employee on-site also speaks?
    21. If you noticed another employee stealing, what would you do?
    22. Describe your ideal manager.
    23. If a friend came by the store and started chatting with you, how would you react?
    24. What do you do if you receive negative feedback from a manager? What about from a customer?
    25. Tell me about a time when you stepped up as a leader?
    26. If you needed a pen at home, would you bring one home from work?
    27. What’s your biggest strength?

5 Good Questions to Ask at the End of a Best Buy Interview

After you’re done answering some Best Buy interview questions, you typically get a chance to ask a few of your own. This is a critical opportunity. You can learn more about the position, as well as what it’s like to work for the company.

Plus, having some questions to ask makes you look like an engaged, enthusiastic candidate. In the end, that can work in your favor.

While you can come up with questions on the fly, it’s also smart to have a few in your back pocket that work in nearly any situation. With that in mind, here are five good questions to ask at the end of a Best Buy interview:

    1. Can you describe a typical day in this position?
    2. What training will I need to complete during the first 90 days?
    3. Do you anticipate the duties associated with this role changing over time? If so, how might they change?
    4. Is this position guaranteed a certain number of hours each week?
    5. Why do you enjoy working for Best Buy?

Putting It All Together

Ultimately, tackling the Best Buy interview questions and making a great impression doesn’t have to be a challenge. By using the tips above and practicing your answers to common questions, you can craft standout answers and deliver your responses with confidence.

Use every tidbit above to your advantage. And remember, you’re an exceptional candidate, so keep your chin up and show the hiring manager everything you bring to the table. That way, you can increase your odds of getting an offer when all’s said and done.

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