Job Interview Preparation Tips

Here are some solid interview preparation tips that will give you a good foundation and get you off on the right foot.

For your convenience here is the transcript of the video:

Hi, I'm Jeff.  And this is my friend Mike.  You probably know us as the Interview Guys.

Today we're coming to you live from Jeff's apartment, where we're going to teach you five great ways to prepare for a job interview.  And make
sure you watch the video all the way to the end because we've got a big surprise for you.  Okay Jeff, what's our first job preparation tip?

Our first tip may seem obvious, but it's amazing how many people don't follow it.  Tip #1 is that you always need
to be well rested. That means no all-night cramming sessions!

You need to be alert when you are in the room, so
that you are able to give clear and concise answers and maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm.

Okay, I've got to go get changed for my interview.  Mike, can you handle the next tip?

Sure Jeff. Job preparation Tip #2 is to dress for the job.  If you're interviewing for an office job, you don't want to go in wearing beach clothes, and if you're
going for an interview to be a lifeguard, you don't want to wear a suit.  Dressing as you would at the job you are interviewing for will help the interviewer envision you
in the roll already, which can only help you get the job!

Okay I'm ready for my interview!

Uhhh, Jeff?  What did you do to your hair?  And what are you wearing?

I'm going for a Bank Teller at Citibank.  Do you like my shirt?

Yeah, it's really cool.  But i'm not sure the bank is going to think so.  This, folks, is an example of what not to wear.  Okay Jeff, while you go
change back into the proper attire, I'll do tip # 3.

Our third job preparation technique is to clean up your online presence (social media).  Companies today are being more and more thorough when doing
background checks on their potential candidates, and this includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.  Make sure you don't have any
incriminating photos or bad language written on your wall!

Job preparation Tip #4 is to figure out where you are going, how long it is going to take and the transportation options available.  You don't want to be late!  One thing
is for sure...if you are late, you have already taken yourself out of the running for the position. It's always good to give yourself about 30 minutes of extra time.
Worst case scenario you get to prepare a little more while you wait!

Our final tip is the most important need to practice!  It's important to prepare and practice examples of interview questions, but you don't just want to give cookie
cutter answers that you find on the internet.  You want to tailor your answers to the company you are interviewing with, and you do that by infusing
your answers with the qualities, or strengths and abilities, that the company you are interviewing with values.

Don't worry, because we can show you exactly how to tailor your answers like we mentioned in Tip #5!  Because we've prepared a special report that explains
our tailoring method completely and outlines exactly how to prepare perfect answers to every interview question.

Click this link to get it: Get my free special report!

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Interview Preparation Tips

Considering how tough the job market is these days, you really need to thoroughly prepare. This video will give you a solid foundation. After watching it, head over and read our behavioral questions post.

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  • Bailey Peterfeso

    Reply Reply November 2, 2016

    Very good and informative video

    • Jeff

      Reply Reply November 3, 2016

      Thanks Bailey!

  • AngelaPosten

    Reply Reply January 29, 2017

    Non of the YouTube videos are playing; ‘playback error’.

    • Jeff

      Reply Reply February 8, 2017

      Everything seems to be working fine. You may have an outdated flash plugin…

  • Michaelferry

    Reply Reply April 18, 2017

    I am an IMSr. What if a company doesn’t have anything culture and value stuff on their web assets? The only option I have is to used the job description. Do I just do my best to tailor my answers based on that?

    • Jeff

      Reply Reply May 1, 2017

      Hi Michael,

      You have two options. Your first should definitely be the job description. In the Interview Master System there’s a video that explains how to “mine” the job description for “qualities”. That should be your first stop. Your other option is to use a similar company that does have a more robust online presence to get an idea of what type of employee (skills, qualities etc) this industry tends to like. Obviously there will be differences between companies but you can certainly uncover a lot of general information that can help you “tailor” for the industry.

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