What's Your Greatest Weakness?

This video highlights the 3 things you need to do when answering any type of what are your weaknesses job interview questions. (Don't fall into the usual trap job seekers often find themselves in)

It's no real surprise why everyone is so worried about answering this really hard interview question. A lot of people feel like they're put on the spot. In a way they are. The hiring manager is being a little sneaky and is trying to weed out some of your weaker areas.

The thing to do is to remain calm and be honest. Don't feel like you can't talk about some of your actual true to life weaknesses. However make sure they are work-related and be sure to remember this one major tip. Don't bring up any weaknesses that have to do with the essential skills needed for the specific job opening you're interviewing for.

Obviously if you bring up a weakness that will get in the way of you performing your job correctly then you're sunk. The biggest weakness job interview question can be handled with ease if you make sure to make the interviewer know that you are working on conquering it.

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in this video they are interviewed by their favorite talk show host Stephen who may be a bit of a stick in the mud but he means well despite all his cheesy jokes.

The key thing to remember when answering.the what is your greatest weakness interview question is to stay confident maintain polite eye contact and talk truthfully about some of your weaknesses. As long as you say with confidence that you're dealing with your weaknesses and that you make it clear by choosing weaknesses that are not important to the core of the job opening you're interviewing for you will be just fine.

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What's Your Greatest Weakness?

What is your biggest weakness or What is your greatest weakness is one of the most feared interview questions around for a reason and a lot of people want to know exactly how to answer it. Well this video takes a fun approach to showing you how!


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