Top 30 Kohl’s Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

kohls interview questions

By Mike Simpson

Kohl’s has been part of the retail landscape for more than 50 years. It’s a staple in malls all across America, which is why many people turn to the company when they’re looking for a job.

If you’re interested in joining the 15.7 million people working in retail in the United States, Kohl’s could be a great fit. You just need to make sure you’re ready for the Kohl’s interview questions. That way, you increase your odds of impressing the hiring manager.

Luckily, you’re here, and we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know about handling Kohl’s interview questions.

How to Answer Kohl’s Interview Questions

Before we hop into the Kohl’s interview questions and example answers, let’s take a quick second to go over how you’ll want to answer them. Having a strategy makes a big difference! Along with being ready for questions you practice, you’ll be better equipped to hit those curve balls right out of the park, too.

So, how do you get ready for your Kohl’s interview? Well, your first step is usually to tackle some research.

Begin by looking up the job description for the position. There, you’ll learn about the experience and skills the hiring manager wants to find. Plus, there might be tidbits about preferred personality traits or attitudes, all of which you can use when it’s time to craft some answers (more about that in a minute).

Next, it’s time to learn about Kohl’s. Head to the company’s website to read the About page, as well as any details about its mission and values. Check out the company’s social media pages, too, as you can learn a bit about current happenings and Kohl’s culture.

Then, it’s time to choose a strategy for answering the Kohl’s interview questions. For traditional ones – the kind that asks if you have skill X or experience Y – the process is simple. Start by letting the hiring manager know if you have the capability. Then, add a little bit extra.

For example, you can mention how you’ve used the skill in the past. If you don’t have the capability, discuss your desire to learn and your confidence in your ability to pick it up.

Alright, but what about behavioral interview questions? Luckily, there’s a technique for these, too.

With behavioral interview questions, you need to showcase examples that highlight how you’d act in the situation presented by the hiring manager. Ideally, you should pull from your past experience, as that will help you create the strongest answer.

In most cases, you’ll want to take the STAR method and mix in a healthy dose of the Tailoring Method. With that, you’ll get compelling answers that are highly relevant to the position you want to land, making it easier to impress the hiring manager.

Okay, how about situational interview questions? Well, while they are different than behavioral interview questions – focusing more on hypothetical scenarios than past experience – you can use a similar approach. Tell a story just as you would when answering other kinds of STAR interview questions, and use the Tailoring Method to make sure everything is relevant.

Top 3 Kohl’s Interview Questions

At this point, you should have a solid strategy for how to answer Kohl’s interview questions. You know what that means? It’s time for some Kohl’s interview example answers!

Now, it’s crucial to note that the questions you get asked typically vary based on the position. Think about it; they aren’t going to ask a cashier some of the questions they’ll want a manager to answer, and vice versa.

However, some questions are incredibly common, so they’re worth mentioning. Additionally, since most of the open positions are retail customer service, it’s wise to focus a bit there.

With that in mind, here are the top three Kohl’s interview questions and answers.

1. If a card processing machine went down while you were handling a transaction, what would you do?

This situational interview question lets the hiring manager see how you’d react when an unexpected problem arises that could impact the customer experience. Usually, your main goal should be to demonstrate that you can remain calm and find a solid alternative, allowing the transaction to move forward in the end. Additionally, you want to showcase that you’ll stay polite and even a bit apologetic to ensure the customer is satisfied.


“If the card processing machine went down in the middle of a transaction, my first step would be to apologize to the customer and say that a technical issue is occurring. Next, I’d take a look at the card machine to see if something small could fix the problem. For example, I’d make sure there weren’t any loose plugs.

If that didn’t resolve the issue, I’d ask the customer if they had an alternative form of payment available. If not, my next goal would be to reach a manager, as well as find a way to complete the transaction.

For example, while waiting for a manager to address my till, I’d see if any nearby registers were functioning. If so, I’d cancel the transaction on my register, explain the situation to my fellow cashier, and ask them to process the customer’s sale as soon as they’re done with their current transaction if one was underway. I’d again apologize to the customer, explain that my coworker will help them, and then close my register until the issue is resolved.”

MIKE'S TIP: With a question like this, solving the technical problem isn’t actually that important. Instead, it’s all about the customer experience. So don’t spend too much time talking about troubleshooting. It’s better to discuss how you’ll ensure the customer is taken care of quickly, as that’s what’s likely most relevant in the eyes of the hiring manager.

2. Do you feel comfortable promoting the Kohl’s card?

Like many retailers, Kohl’s has a store card that they often want employees to promote. Since that’s a core part of the job for anyone working a register, the hiring manager may ask if you are comfortable promoting the card.

Generally, you’ll need to say that you are comfortable if you want to move forward in the hiring process. Additionally, it’s wise to give a little more information, such as referencing how you had a similar duty in a past job or touch on why you’re confident that you can promote the card effectively.


“Yes, I’m comfortable promoting the Kohl’s card to customers. In my last retail position, offering the store card was a common part of every transaction. Not only was I comfortable presenting the card, but I actually secured the most new card applications for three months straight. As a result, I believe I’d do quite well offering the Kohl’s card to shoppers.”

3. What do you do to ensure you make a positive impression on a customer as they enter the store?

When customers enter a store like Kohl’s, they don’t necessarily walk past a greeter or right next to a register. As a result, employees often need to make an effort to welcome customers into the store if they’re in a department near an entryway.

With this, the hiring manager isn’t looking for an extravagant answer. Instead, they just want to feel confident that you’d engage with every customer on a basic level.


“When a customer entered the store, I would begin by saying, ‘Hello, welcome to Kohl’s,’ while making eye contact and offering a smile. I’d follow that up with, ‘Is there anything I can help you find today?’ If they said, ‘Yes,’ I’d either take them to the item or direct them toward it, depending on policies regarding staying in my section. If they said, ‘No,” then I’d let them know that I’m available if that changes and wish them a pleasant shopping experience.”

27 More Kohl’s Interview Questions

Here are 27 more Kohl’s interview questions you might get asked during your meeting with the hiring manager:

    1. Why do you want to work for Kohl’s?
    2. Describe your customer service experience.
    3. Tell me about a time when you had to work as part of a team to solve a problem.
    4. How do you manage stress at work?
    5. Can you tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult coworker?
    6. What’s your availability? Does it include weekends and holidays?
    7. Tell me about a time when you stepped up and offered exceptional customer service.
    8. If you saw a coworker steal, what would you do?
    9. How does Kohl’s factor into your career goals?
    10. What do you like best about working in retail?
    11. What do you dislike about working in retail?
    12. If a customer’s card was declined, how would you handle it?
    13. If you found a broken item on the floor, what would you do?
    14. What qualities do you possess that make you a good fit for retail?
    15. Which of your strengths best equip you for this job?
    16. How would you define good customer service?
    17. Do you have past register or cash handling experience?
    18. If your till was off at the end of your shift, what would you do? Would you treat it differently if it was over than if it was under?
    19. What can you tell us about Kohl’s?
    20. What’s your greatest weakness?
    21. If you encountered an upset customer, what would you do?
    22. If you were responding to an urgent page from a manager but came across a child that appeared lost along the way, what would you do?
    23. Are you comfortable standing on your feet all day?
    24. Which department are you most interested in working in?
    25. Are there any departments you’d be uncomfortable working in?
    26. How would you describe your past attendance?
    27. How would you respond to negative feedback from a manager?

5 Good Questions to Ask at the End of a Kohl’s Interview

Once you’re done answering your fair share of Kohl’s interview questions, you typically get a chance to flip the script and ask the hiring manager a few of your own. This is a critical opportunity. You’ll be able to learn details about the job you don’t have yet, as well as get tidbits about the culture.

If a particular question comes to mind during your interview, feel free to ask it. However, you should also have a few tried-and-true questions ready to go, ensuring you’ll have something to ask.

By asking questions, you seem more enthusiastic and engaged. To make sure you are prepared, here are five good interview questions to ask at the end of a Kohl’s interview that you can have in your back pocket.

    1. What do you like best about working for Kohl’s, and what do you like least?
    2. How would you describe the company and store culture?
    3. Could you describe the team dynamic?
    4. How is success measured in this position?
    5. Can you describe any new hire training I’d need to complete?

Putting It All Together

At this point, you probably feel ready to tackle those Kohl’s interview questions. Make sure you use every tip above to your advantage. That way, you’ll have an easier time highlighting why you’re an exceptional candidate, increasing the odds that you’ll secure a job offer.

Good luck!

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