How To Answer Why Should We Hire You? – [15 Sample Answers Included]

why should we hire you

By Mike Simpson

UPDATED 6/21/2022

why should we hire you

Few questions make a job seeker feel like they’ve been put on the spot quite like, “Why should we hire you?” No matter how skilled you are or how qualified for the job you happen to be, it feels like one of the dastardliest questions around.

Even strong candidates may doubt what they bring to the table. Plus, it feels incredibly tough to come up with a good response if you don’t like to brag.

Luckily, by checking out our tips and some why should we hire you answers, you can get a better grip on this question. Are you ready to take a look? Great! Here’s what you need to know.

How To Answer “Why Should We Hire You/Why Should I Hire You?”

Before we dive into the why should we hire you answers, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what this question – and others like it, including “Why are you a great match for this role?” – is all about. Mainly, the hiring manager wants to see why you feel you’re a great match, “see” being the operative word.

Every company or organization has a certain type of person in mind when it comes to the position they are interviewing for. This person will usually need to have one, two, or even more specific qualities that the organization believes in or emphasizes.

Overall, 42 percent of job applicants don’t meet the skill requirements for a job. Since the hiring manager is looking for someone who brings the stuff they need to the table, they’re hoping you’ll show them exactly why you’re a stellar match, and they will normally select the person who best exemplifies the specific qualities they’re after.

This job interview question is the perfect opportunity for you to pitch yourself to your potential employer and reinforce the idea that you are the perfect candidate! How do you show them that? By using examples, of course.

What kind of example should you use? Usually, you want to showcase one that matches a specific job duty or skill you saw in the job description/job ad. When you do that, you know for a fact you’re speaking to the hiring manager’s needs. So, reference what you saw in the vacancy announcement specifically to show the alignment.

MIKE'S TIP: If you want to make it clear to the hiring manager that you’re speaking directly to their job, consider starting your answer with, “Based on what I saw in the job ad, you’re looking for a candidate that can…” Yes, it is a really direct way to go. In this case, that’s a good thing, as it shows that you fully read the requirements and feel you can provide the company with much-needed value.

Top 5 Tips for Answering Why Should We Hire You?

1. Stay Achievement-Oriented

Simply listing capabilities is rarely enough if you want to impress with your “why should we hire you” answer. Instead, you want to be achievement-oriented. Discuss accomplishments that showcase the best of what you have to offer. Also, quantify the details to make your responses extra impactful.

2. Feature Hard AND Soft Skills

When you create your answer, you don’t want to focus solely on the technical capabilities listed in the job ad. Instead, make sure to bring some soft skills into the mix, too.

If there aren’t any features in the job description, go with classics like communication, leadership, and teamwork. By including those in the achievements you discuss (alongside some hard skills), you’ll look like a stronger candidate.

3. Show Culture Alignment

Hiring managers aren’t just looking for specific skills; they want candidates that will mesh with the company culture. Make sure to show you’re a fit by bringing in aspects of the company’s mission and values into your answer. That makes the connection ridiculously clear, making you seem like a strong fit.

4. Express Excitement for a Specific Duty

One simple way to make your answer stand out is to express excitement for a specific duty (or two) listed in the job ad. If you can show that you’re passionate about a core responsibility, it’ll make you a more appealing candidate.

5. Embrace “I” Statements

While a job interview isn’t all about you, your answer to this question generally should be, at least in one key way. You need to use “I” statements in your answer. Saying “we” muddies the water, making it unclear whether it was you or other colleagues that accomplished certain goals or possessed specific skills. By using “I” instead, you remove those doubts, making it easier to show why YOU are a great match for this role.

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Top 15 Why Should We Hire You Answers

Okay, now is the moment you’ve been waiting for: our fantastic why should we hire you sample answers.

But before we dig in, a quick word about these answers. While these why should we hire you examples can give you a solid idea of how to approach the question, they are for inspiration only.

Why are they only inspiration? Because they aren’t targeted to the job you’re trying to land, that’s why.

When you interview a job, you need to use the Tailoring Method to speak to that exact hiring manager’s needs. When you do that, your answers are even more impactful, increasing the odds that the hiring manager will see you as a strong match.

Plus, 47 percent of hiring managers wouldn’t offer a candidate a job if they seemed to have little knowledge about the company. By tailoring your answers, you show you’ve gone the extra mile.

So, spend some time getting to know the Tailoring Method. Then, use that to customize your answers the right way, increasing the odds that your response genuinely stands out.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into how to answer why should we hire you by looking at some stellar examples.

Sample Answer 1 – Entry-Level IT

In the job ad, I noticed that finding a candidate with a Bachelor’s degree in software development, strong Java skills, and entry-level mobile app development skills is a top priority. Along with graduating with honors, during my time in school, I was tasked with designing a mobile app to demonstrate my skills.

I chose to create a Java-based application that helps students refine their programming skills. After the project’s completion, I decided to launch the app. Not only is it now listed on Google Play, but it’s been downloaded more than 5,000 times and has a 4.8 rating. Plus, I’ve used feedback to make improvements, giving me experience with application updates and maintenance. I believe that my education and experience make me a strong fit for the role, and I look forward to not just applying my skills at a company like yours but continuing to grow in my next position.

Sample Answer 2 – Entry-Level Office Administration

Between the job description and what we’ve discussed thus far, it’s clear that communication skills are essential for this role. During my time in school, I’ve had the opportunity to hone my writing skills. Along with report writing and business communications, I’ve also taken coursework in technical writing specifically, which I believe manufacturing companies may find valuable.

Additionally, along with taking a public speaking class in college, I also joined Toastmasters. That allowed me to boost my presentation skills, increasing my confidence when speaking in front of large groups.

Together, those experiences allowed me to acquire and improve a wide range of communication skills. I look forward to using them as I take the next step in my career.

Sample Answer 3 – Entry-Level Sales

According to the job description, finding someone comfortable with cold-calling seems to be essential. While I don’t have prior outbound sales experience specifically, my time working in retail customer service has given me valuable capabilities that seem like an excellent match.

Along with speaking with and assisting customers I hadn’t met previously, upselling was a core part of the job. Not only was I comfortable with upselling, but I consistently exceeded expectations, outpacing other employees by an average of 45 percent. That experience aligns with cold-calling in many ways, and I believe that makes me an exceptional fit for the role.

Sample Answer 4 – Entry-Level Healthcare

Based on the job ad and what I’ve learned about the company, you’re looking for a team-oriented candidate who can thrive in a fast-paced environment while providing exceptional patient care. As a recent nursing graduate, I’m familiar with working under pressure, as that was a necessity while I was earning my degree and completing my internship. Additionally, I’m incredibly motivated to not just assist patients to the utmost of my ability but also support my colleagues. By working closely together, we elevate the patient experience and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, it creates opportunities for me to learn from more experienced coworkers, ensuring I can continue to exceed expectations.

Sample Answer 5 – Entry-Level Manufacturing

You discussed in the job posting that you’re looking for a diligent, reliable candidate for the role who is willing and able to learn quickly on the job. During high school, my attendance was immaculate, exceeding 99 percent across all four years. Additionally, I was diligent about handling my classwork, ensuring everything was completed on time and to the desired standard.

When it comes to my willingness to learn, the idea of being able to launch a career with this role is incredibly motivating. I can envision growing in the position and honing my skills as I, hopefully, move up in the company. Between my dedication and desire to find a company that can become my long-term employer, I feel I’m an excellent fit for the job.

Sample Answer 6 – Mid-Level Marketing (Individual Contributor)

The job description stated that you’re looking for a candidate with at least three years of marketing experience, emphasizing the need for social media marketing skills. I’ve held my current position for the past four years, working with clients in a range of industries to refine their social media marketing strategies. On average, conversation rates for my accounts rose by 62 percent, and customer acquisition costs declined by 48 percent. With my track record and experience, I believe that I’d be an asset to any team, including in the role you’re trying to fill.

Sample Answer 7 – Mid-Level Accounting (Individual Contributor)

You’ve mentioned that finding an accounting professional with experience in accounts receivable is your top priority. Along with being a CPA, I have six years of accounts receivable experience. Additionally, I’m familiar with auditing processes, as well as account reconciliation, deposit management, general ledger procedures, and report creation. Due to my strong knowledge base, I believe I’m an excellent candidate for this role.

Sample Answer 8– Mid-Level Human Resources (Individual Contributor)

From what I’ve learned about your company and the role, you’re not just looking for a human resources team member; you’re specifically in need of a skilled recruiter. Along with my degree in human resources, I have four years of experience in the recruitment space.

During that time, I updated job descriptions, wrote vacancy announcements, and interviewed for dozens of openings each year. While the average time-to-hire at my last company was 36 days, my average came out to 27 days. Additionally, the retention rate for positions I filled exceeded company norms, sitting at 96 percent, and the selected employees – on a performance scale of 1 to 5, with three being “meets expectations” – scored an average of 4.75.

Since finding high-quality matches is a company priority, I believe my expertise and track record make me an exceptional candidate for the role.

Sample Answer 9 – Mid-Level Cybersecurity (Individual Contributor)

Based on what you’ve shared during the interview and what I learned from the job ad, you’re looking for a cybersecurity professional who can help your company stay ahead of emerging threats. Along with my degree, I’ve worked diligently to further my education. I currently hold two cybersecurity certifications – the CISSP and CEH – giving me a stronger foundation. Additionally, I’m dedicated to monitoring emerging trends and learning about new solutions. Along with trade publications and following thought leaders, I spend much of my off-time researching new threats and learning about mitigation processes. That way, I can provide exceptional value to my employer, increasing the odds that the company will stay safe against the newest risks.

Sample Answer 10 – Entry-Level Finance Management

According to information I found on the company website, it appears that facilitating additional growth is a main goal for the organization. I feel that I have the right skills to help the company achieve that objective. Along with data analysis experience, predictive analysis and forecasting are two of my strengths. This makes me incredibly well-equipped when it comes to making sound investment recommendations that can spur growth. Couple that with the risk mitigation skills I discussed on my resume, and I believe that I’m highly suited to the role.

Sample Answer 11 – Entry-Level Sales Management

I understand that finding someone with a proven track record and experience guiding others toward success is a must based on what you’ve listed in the job description. In my previous role, I recommended process changes that allowed our team to exceed sales goals by 15 percent, making us the top performers in the company.

Additionally, I personally seized opportunities to coach and guide entry-level hires as part of the mentorship program. As a result, I’ve had the chance to hone my leadership skills, including adapting my approach to meet the needs of each incoming employee.

I think my cumulative experience makes me well-equipped for a management role such as this one and an excellent fit for your hiring goals.

Sample Answer 12 – Entry-Level Human Resources Management

When I reviewed the job posting, it seemed that finding a well-rounded candidate was your main goal. I believe that makes me an exceptional fit for the position. Along with seven years of recruiting experience, I’ve also spent five years in benefits administration. I also redesigned my last employer’s onboarding process, boosting first-year retention by 72 percent, and overhauled the performance management approach, resulting in an overall productivity increase of 28 percent.

On the education front, I’ve completed a Master’s degree in Human Resources, giving me a solid foundation in many critical areas. Additionally, I earned my SHRM-CP last year and recently secured my SPHR certification. Taken together, I believe this makes me an excellent fit for the job.

Sample Answer 13 – Entry-Level Technology Management

I believe that my resume showcases the technical capabilities you’re after, based on what I saw in the vacancy announcement. As a result, I want to focus my response on the traits and soft skills that I believe make me a strong match.

Working as a manager means setting down your individual contributor hat and focusing on team development, delegation, and cumulative success. While I haven’t worked in management specifically, leading large, cross-departmental projects is one of my current duties.

Along with overseeing substantial budgets, task delegation and timeline management were core responsibilities. I also focused on promoting solid communication and effective collaboration, all while coordinating the activities of a number of professionals and coaching them toward success.

Based on that experience, I believe I’m a strong candidate for the technology manager role and would quickly become an asset at any company.

Sample Answer 14 – Upper Management

I know that finding a candidate with strategic vision is a top priority based for this leadership position. During my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of teams and overseeing many cross-departmental initiatives. That experience has given me a unique perspective, allowing me to gather more insights about how various teams interconnect and how they stand apart. Additionally, it’s taught me how to guide a broader range of professionals, allowing me to address their concerns and secure their buy-in efficiently.

As a result, I’ve become skilled at accounting for the big picture, making me an excellent fit for the role.

Sample Answer 15 – Executive Leadership Team

You explained earlier that your company is concerned that its current technology is holding the organization back. I believe that’s an issue I can address.

In my past positions, I’ve overseen comprehensive technology audits designed specifically to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Once the information was gathered, I was able to outline a technical vision, identifying improvement opportunities with the strongest ROIs.

Since facilitating growth is the goal, I believe my experience would serve the company well, making me an excellent fit for the role.

Putting It All Together

Ultimately, the why should we hire you sample answers above should give you some solid ideas about approaching that interview question. Use the information above to your advantage. That way, you’ll be able to craft a fantastic answer whenever the need arises.

Good luck!


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