Job Interview Questions and Answers 101

By Mike Simpson You should share this in depth article now! “And now, for our feature presentation…” Normally these words would signal you to lean back in your movie theater chair, put on your 3D glasses and start shovelling buttery popcorn into your face for the next two-and-a-half-hours. But in this case, while your job interview…

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Find a Job Using These 26 “Under The Radar” Job Boards

 By Jeff Gillis You should share this handy list of job boards with your social networks! If you were born anytime after 1950 and have looked for a job at any point between 1995 and now, chances are you have done at least part of your job search online. Okay, so if you’re anything like my…

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What Should I Wear To A Job Interview?

By Mike Simpson Give yourself a pat on the back.  After all… You did it! Only a week ago you got that call that you had a job interview coming, and a long, stressful preparation lay ahead of you. “What do I need to study?  What questions am I going to be asked?  And what…

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Follow Up With These Sample Thank You Letter Templates

You should share these templates with your social networks! Ok, so you’re feeling like a “big shot.” Your cover letter and resume were the stuff of legends. Your suit was finely pressed, you had a nice spritz of your favorite scent on and anyone within 10 miles could see that you were having the best hair…

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How To Plan Your Job References Strategically

By Jeff Gillis You should share this! Many jobs these days require applicants to submit job references along with applications, and depending on who you use, can either hurt or help you.  Be prepared to have your past employers contacted! Many times future employers want to know little beyond your general performance and salary. Some…

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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile For Your Job Interview

By Mike Simpson You Should Share This Now! Resume…check. Cover letter…check. Fancy new corporate outfit…check. Perfectly crafted and optimized LinkedIn profile… Uh oh… Just when you thought you had covered every angle, crossed every “t” and dotted every lower-case “j”, you realize that your LinkedIn profile is opened up on the screen on the hiring…

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5 Essential Resume Tips That Will Land You The Interview

By Mike Simpson You should share this article! Here we go again.  Another job application, and another resume submission. Have you ever just sat there, looked at your resume and thought, “I wouldn’t hire me after reading this.  This thing is putting me to sleep…” Don’t worry!  We’ve all been there. Here’s the thing.  It’s…

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How To Turn Down A Job Offer (And Not Look Like a Fool)

By Mike Simpson You should share this article! If you are of the same generation as Jeff and I, you probably remember when actress Sally Field was accepting an Oscar for her role in “Places in the Heart” and she was up on the podium clutching her statue, tears streaming down her cheeks and she said (cringe), “You like…

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Behavioral Interview Questions And Answers 101

by Mike Simpson, Job Interview Expert & Coach You should share this article! Imagine you’re sitting on a black folding chair in the middle of the hiring manager’s office at your very next job interview. You want this job. Bad. You’re eye to eye with the hiring manager… The hiring manager takes a long pause…

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