Become Job Seeker 2.0

As a job seeker in 2016, you can't expect to get job interviews and job offers using traditional tools and tactics. The modern world requires a modern approach. And if you aren't using these new techniques, then you're definitely falling behind.

You Need To Become Job Seeker 2.0

What is a Job Seeker 2.0?

Job Seeker 2.0's do two things:

1. They "tailor" their applications and job interviews.

2. They create and harness the power of a personal brand.

This is the backbone to the Interview Guys' philosophy, and it's the interview technique that all of the top job seekers are using to get jobs. This is the one tweak you can make to your approach that will guarantee interview success.

Click here to understand how to use the "Tailoring Method" to answer any interview question perfectly

Gone are the days when a cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile allow you to stand out from the crowd. Hiring managers today expect a more robust online presence, so you need to use every tool at your disposal.

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