How To Make Your Personal Branding Website Job Search Ready

How To Make Your Personal Branding Website Job Search Ready
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By Jeff Gillis & Mike Simpson

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on getting more job interviews and more job offers:


If you’re reading this article there is a good chance that you’ve secured your domain name, have created your Wix account and have started editing your personal branding website.

You’re now on your way to getting more job interviews AND more job offers!

(By the way, if you haven’t done any of the above, what are you waiting for?  Having a personal branding website is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your job search portfolio! Click here to learn more about this powerful new strategy.)penguin-161387_640

But what if I told you that there were a few more small tweaks you could make to your website that would really impress hiring managers and increase your chances of job search success even more?

Well for one, you might get a little squeamish in your chair at the thought of having to put your “tech hat” on and start mucking around on your website.

Luckily, we decided to make it painfully easy for you to do (hey, it’s what we do!) by putting together four easy-to-follow videos that will help turn your basic personal website into a job-getting branding machine!

Take the time to go through the four videos below and where possible, make some of the improvements that we recommend.

Now of course, everything we suggest is completely optional (just having a personal website puts you among the elite job seekers), but it never hurts to go the extra mile when it comes to showing off your personal brand.

After all, we are in the business of impressing hiring managers, and having a cohesive and interesting personal branding website is a great place to start!

tutorial video 1

How To Connect Your Domain Name To Your Wix Website & Get Rid Of Ads

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably already completed this step, right?


Joking aside, this is an absolutely crucial step that must be completed in order to ensure that your website looks professional.

I can’t think of a single hiring manager that would be impressed by a website that is covered in advertisements for Wix, not to mention one that would be wowed by seeing or something similar on all of your application documents.

There really isn’t much point in going through all of this trouble if you aren’t going to make sure that your personal branding website is professional looking!

Now of course, Wix is going to charge you a small monthly fee for you to do this, but so will every other website builder out there (and Wix is among the most affordable).

The great part is, for the cost of a couple Big Macs you can make sure your site is completely “on brand” and ready to impress your hiring manager.

So go ahead and finish this step before moving on!

>> Click Here To Go To<<

tutorial video 2

How To Supercharge Your Personal Website Homepage

When a hiring manager visits your website, what is the first thing they are going to see?painter-161318_640

Your homepage!

Now that you’ve connected your domain and removed the Wix ads, you’re going to need to make sure that you’ve completely edited your homepage so that it reflects all of your personal information.

We keep bringing up first impressions, and that’s because they are such an important part of the job interview process.

So you need to take a little bit of time and make sure that your homepage is on point.

In this short video we are going to walk you through exactly what you need to do to ensure that you make a great first impression on anyone visiting your site.

tutorial video 3

 3 Personal Website “Hacks” That You Can Use to Impress Hiring Managers

Everybody loves a good “hack” (unless it involves your bank account of course!)…

Hacks for websites are no different, so we thought we would put together a video that highlights three of our favorites.magic-790704_640

Adding one or more of these three hacks to your site can really take it to the next level, and the best part is, they are fairly easy to do.

Now, don’t forget these things are completely optional so you don’t absolutely need to have them.  But there is also no reason for you to be intimidated by adding them because we’re going to walk you through the process in the video below.

Learn about these three awesome hacks by watching the video below!

Case Study: How Having A Blog Helped Victoria Michelson Get Multiple Job Offers

In case you were wondering how powerful a blog can actually be when it comes to your job search, check out this quote from Victoria Michelson:

“As an experiment, I started to include an invitation to visit my website anytime I sent out a job application. I’d expected to generate a bit of traffic by doing this, and to show more of my personality than I could communicate in a brief cover letter, but I did not anticipate the overwhelming, positive response I got from prospective employers who took the time to check out my blog.

 They would send emails complimenting my writing style and leave thoughtful comments on my posts. This led to real, personal conversations about mutually important issues that laid common ground when it came time for my interview. And I was told more than once that I was being offered the job because my blog and the discussions it generated gave the hiring committee confidence in both my skills and my character.”

Victoria Michelson relaying her story over on

tutorial video 4

How To "Tailor" Your Personal Branding Website

Over here at Interview Guys Headquarters we REALLY like to talk about tailoring.


Because this is the strategy that we have taught millions of our students to help them absolutely destroy their job interviews... it flat out works.

The great part is, our tailoring method can be easily applied to a personal branding website.tux-161406_640

In fact, personal websites were "tailor-made" (pun intended) for tailoring.

Making a few small tweaks to your site that are tailored to the industry, company and position you are interviewing with/for can make your hiring manager visualize you as an employee of their company before you even step foot in the interview room, and of course, this is a good thing.

So watch the video below to learn how you can tailor your personal website, because it might just be the most powerful thing you can do for your personal brand.


Thanks for reading and watching! Good luck building your personal branding website!

If you want to check out our example personal branding website head to:



  • Muhammad Usman

    Reply Reply April 3, 2016

    Hi Jeff & Mike,

    Once again I would like to thank you for providing such a good read. As you may already know that I have setup my website and have followed all the steps directed by you to get my site job search ready.

    Earlier I had asked some questions about boosting my site’s visibility on search engines and Jeff was kind enough to answer them via email (Thanks Jeff!). From a job search perspective, what are the next steps that I should take to ensure that hiring managers visit my site? (Sorry for asking a same question again!)

    Muhammad Usman

    • Mike Simpson

      Reply Reply April 5, 2016


      Thanks for your message and congrats on your new site. It looks great!

      As we mentioned in the blog series, in order to get Hiring Managers to see your website you need to add links to it in all of your important job search documents. This includes your cover letter, your resume AND your thank-you letter after your interview.

      It also includes any letter of interest that you send out. You should even go as far as to put a sentence in the body of your letter that draws attention to your website. Something along the lines of, “If you’d like to learn more about me and see what I’m all about, please head over to my website…”

      Hope this helps!


  • Kelly McClendon

    Reply Reply April 7, 2016

    Hi guys,
    I really love the concept, I bought my domain and website and I am ready to get to work. However, I cant watch the videos for some reason. Is it something wrong with my settings or is anyone else having this problem?

    • Mike Simpson

      Reply Reply April 8, 2016

      The videos are all working fine. I would try a different web browser just to be safe. Do you have Google Chrome? That’s a good start.

      • Kelly McClendon

        Reply Reply April 12, 2016

        Thanks Mike, I switched to Google Chrome and they are playing for me. Thanks for the quick response.

    • Phill Reid

      Reply Reply May 9, 2016

      Hi – I was having the same problem on Microsoft Edge browser which took me a while to work out. If you hover over the video and press “q” on the keyboard, the play button appears and is able to be clicked to watch the video. Hope this helps someone!

      Kind regards, Phill

      BTW Mike and Jeff, an excellent set of tutorials – with many thanks – gave me a few light bulb moments and also gave me confidence that I could do this – had considered the possibility of a website before but didn’t think I was savvy enough to be able to get it up and running; also I couldn’t visualise what it might look like – your examples and direction gave me clarity.

      • Jeff

        Reply Reply May 12, 2016

        Thanks for your kind words Phill! And thanks for that tip..

  • Laura

    Reply Reply May 9, 2016

    Thank you for the helpful information. However, I am wondering how to do this when I am applying for many different kinds of jobs in a lot of different fields. I am applying for admin positions, communications positions, marketing, event coordinating, ect…

    Any thoughts?

    • Jeff

      Reply Reply May 12, 2016

      Hi Laura,

      The best way to tackle this is to create a personal website that highlights the qualities and experience you have that fit with most of the positions you’re applying for. In other words, focus on creating a more general personal website that highlights your personality and interests. If you end up getting an interview for a position that you really want to land you can take things a step further and write a targeted blog post about are the job is related to..

  • Joy

    Reply Reply June 25, 2016

    Hi Jeff,

    I have built my personal website by following your steps. Would you please give me some feedback both on my website and on my resume? Thank you!

    • Jeff

      Reply Reply July 21, 2016

      Great work Joy! You really followed through and crafted a very nice looking website!

  • Anthony Thomas

    Reply Reply June 29, 2016

    Jeff and Mike

    Unable to get the $0.99 deal off of it was over $12.00 godaddy states they can do nothing it is up to you. LMK

    • Jeff

      Reply Reply July 21, 2016

      Hi Anthony,

      The 99cent deal will only pop up if you click the blue link under step 1.

  • Ahmed

    Reply Reply September 26, 2016

    Hi Guys ;

    I see that linkedin profile is already covering a lot of requirede data about your professional things needed to be seen by hiring managers.

    If linkedin just added some few more things to your home page profile.

    So in future , What will be the difference between the linkedin profile of someone and his website ?

    • Jeff

      Reply Reply September 26, 2016

      Hi Ahmend,

      The difference between having a Linkedin profile and your own personal website, is that you stand out from the crowd! Everyone has a Linkedin page and they look exactly the same because they’re all on…Linkedin. A personal website lets you stand out from the crowd and show your personality.

  • Jeanette

    Reply Reply October 24, 2016

    Hello Jeff and Mike,

    Thank you so much for putting these wonderful tips and tutorials up. I’m working on my personal brand page and want to include some powerpoint presentations under my project page. Is there a way I can do that?

    Thanks again,

  • bushra

    Reply Reply November 19, 2016

    it is great topic I enjoyed reading them

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