Top 20 Apple Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

By Mike Simpson

Apple has long been viewed as a leader in the technology world. As a result, many professionals want to nail their Apple interview questions, ensuring they have a chance to join the revolutionary company.

Apple is undoubtedly seen as an innovator, and many of its devices are considered status symbols. While the world’s first smartphone was technically the Simon – with launched in 1992 – the concept didn’t really solidify with consumers until 15 years later. The release of the iPhone was momentous, fundamentally altering the consumer tech landscape. That’s part of Apple’s appeal as an employer.

Plus, the company has an amazing impact on the economy. It’s total U.S. employment footprint is about 2.4 million jobs. However, only about 137,000 of those are actual Apple employees. If you want to join their ranks, here’s what you need to up your chances of working at Apple one day.

How to Answer Apple Interview Questions

Now, we know what you’re really excited about are the Apple interview questions and example answers. We promise we are going to get to them. But before we do, let’s take a second to talk about something else that’s critical important; how to answer those Apple interview questions.

Why the detour? Well, there are two reasons. First, working at Apple is a dream for a lot of people. What does that mean for you? That you’re going to face a ton of competition, that’s what. Standing out from the crowd is essential, and you’ll need a winning interview strategy to make that happen.

Second, do you have any idea how many different kinds of jobs Apple has? It’s not just tech positions, that’s for sure.

There are retail, accounts payable, marketing, operations, administrative, and a slew of other kinds of professionals working at Apple. The company is huge, so it has a wide range of needs.

Why does that matter?

Because each kind of role comes with its own Apple interview questions. Think about it; does it make sense to ask a programmer the same questions as a receptionist? No, no, it doesn’t.

That’s why knowing how to answer the questions is so important. By developing the right technique, you can craft stellar responses no matter your niche.

Alright, so let’s talk approach. First, research is your friend. It ensures you can answer a broad selection of job interview questions like a boss.

Start by reviewing the job description to refresh your memory about the must-have skills and traits. Review any requirements as well as skim the content to see if any phrases are repeated, as that could indicate that a characteristic or capability is especially important.

After that, it’s time to go the extra mile. Wander over to Apple’s website and get to know its mission and values. It also pays off to scan the company’s social media pages for tidbits about its culture, recent accomplishments, and current priorities.

Why go through all of that trouble? Well, when you can work details into your answers that reference what you’ve learned, you position yourself as a stronger match. Your odds of impressing go way up, so it’s worth the effort.

MIKE'S TIP: If you’re interviewing at Apple, don’t feel like you have to showcase your Apple devices when you interview. Carrying your iPhone in your hand to make sure the hiring manager sees it when they greet you isn’t a great move; it makes you look a bit unprepared, especially if you have to stash it really quick before the interview begins. Gesturing to your Apple Watch isn’t necessarily wise, as it may look like you’re trying to show off. Wearing a ridiculously colorful band isn’t an ideal choice either, as it can look unprofessional. Resist the urge to draw unnecessary attention to your devices. If the hiring manager cares if you’re an Apple fan, they’ll broach the subject during the interview.

Alright, but what about those challenging Apple behavioral interview questions? Isn’t Apple known for asking some doozies?

While all behavioral interview questions can be tricky to navigate, there’s no need to panic. First, most companies are moving away from the brainteaser questions, so there’s a good shot you won’t face any of those.

Second, with the right technique, you can answer this kind of Apple interview question with ease. Take the STAR Method and then pepper it with the Tailoring Method. Together, they give you a recipe for success, ensuring your answers are engaging, thorough, and as relevant as possible.

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Top 3 Apple Interview Questions

Now that you have a solid strategy by your side, it’s time to take the next step. By reviewing Apple interview questions and answers, you can put your new knowledge to work.

Like we mentioned before, there are tons of kinds of professionals working at Apple. Every job is going to have a unique interview experience. After all, it takes different types of skills and traits to shine in each position, so it’s doesn’t make sense to use the same questions across the board.

However, that doesn’t mean Apple interviews can’t have a lot in common. There are going to be some questions that nearly any candidate might face. With that in mind, here’s a look at the top three Apple interview questions, as well as example answers.

1. What is your favorite Apple product, and why?

While this question is fairly straightforward on the surface, it accomplishes more than you might think. Along with giving the hiring manager a chance to discover your level of familiarity with Apple products, it also lets them gauge your enthusiasm for your favorite.

But it’s also an exceptional opportunity for you. Along with showcasing your passion for a product, you can showcase relevant skills or traits if you approach it properly.

Plus, you can adjust your answer to align with the job you want to land, which may make you look like a stronger candidate.


“While I’m a fan of several Apple products, I’d have to say my favorite is the Apple Watch. It enables me to be more efficient both in my personal and professional lives. The ability to stay apprised of incoming messages and respond to them without having to dig out another device lets me work faster. Plus, receiving calendar reminders through the watch is great for time management, ensuring I stay on target even on the busiest days.”

2. Have you ever disagreed with your manager about a decision? How did you handle the situation?

When you work for an innovative company, there are often plenty of opportunities to share your ideas. Plus, creative thinking is seen as an asset.

However, that kind of environment also means that disagreements are bound to occur. There are going to be times when you and your manager don’t see eye-to-eye; it’s guaranteed.

The hiring manager wants to know that you can handle these situations professionally. That way, they can continue to encourage innovation without inviting unnecessary long-term conflict.


“In my last position, our team was working on a project when a last-minute feature addition request came in. My manager wanted to adjust the project to accommodate the feature, something that I disagreed with. I was concerned about the impact on the timeline and overall workload, as well as possible reductions in final product quality if we were pushed to meet the original deadline.

I discussed my thoughts with my manager, providing an overview of the potential negative impacts of the change based on data. While they choose to move forward with the feature, the data I provided did cause my manager to rethink the original timeline. In the end, the team was given an extended deadline, reducing some of the strain and giving us the ability to deliver a high-quality result.”

3. Do you take any steps to enhance your skills outside of work?

When it comes to change, the tech industry is notorious. In many cases, employees do have access to some training options through work. However, most companies can’t take care of it all.

Hiring managers want to know that you are willing to keep your skills up to date on your own. Not only does that ensure you remain an asset, but it’s an indication that you’re passionate about your field.


“Yes, I do take steps to ensure my skills remain current, if not on the cutting-edge. I take advantage of a variety of online learning resources and sign up for industry publications to ensure I remain aware of emerging trends. Additionally, I enjoy doing my own side projects, giving me a chance to put new skills to work or keep my existing ones sharp.”

17 More Apple Interview Questions

Here are 17 more Apple interview questions you may need to answer, depending on the job you’re trying to land:

    1. Why do you want to work for Apple?
    2. Tell me about a time that you went above and beyond for a customer.
    3. If a customer was upset their iPhone wasn’t functioning, how would you handle the situation?
    4. When given a binary tree, how would you check to determine if the right and left sub-trees were mirror images?
    5. Explain what RAM is and how it works, using language that a five-year-old could understand.
    6. Describe the most challenging software development problem you faced during a project. How did you solve it?
    7. Apple is known for being restrictive when it comes to listing apps in the App Store. Do you see this as a competitive advantage or a disadvantage? Why?
    8. If a person called for tech support but had a product that was so outdated, it was essentially a brick, how would you handle it?
    9. Tell me about a time you failed. How did you bounce back?
    10. Can you tell me about your proudest professional moment? Why does it stand out to you?
    11. If you had to prioritize either fixing a customer’s problem or creating a great customer experience, which would you focus on and why?
    12. Apple changes its name from Apple Computers Incorporated to Apple Inc. Why do you think it made that change?
    13. Describe the best workday you ever had. Now, tell me about your worst.
    14. What is the first thing you notice when walking into an Apple store?
    15. If you accept a job at Apple, what will you miss most about your current role? What will you miss least?
    16. Using software testing methodology, describe how you would test a microwave?
    17. What are the elements of an efficient supply chain model?

5 Good Questions to Ask at the End of an Apple Interview

When the sun begins to set on your interview, it’ll be time for you to get in a few questions of your own. Having a few at the ready is a must. Why? Because, if you don’t have anything to ask, you might not seem enthusiastic or engaged. Yikes, right?

Wanting to know more is a sign that you’re really interested in the job. While you can certainly ask questions on the fly if something comes to mind as you progress through the interview, it doesn’t hurt to have a few in your back pocket. If you don’t know where to begin, here are five that can do the trick.

    1. How do you define success in this job?
    2. What does a typical day in this position look like?
    3. What about working at Apple surprised you once you started in your role?
    4. Are there career paths associated with this job?
    5. What’s your favorite thing about Apple as an employer?

Putting It All Together

For many, working at Apple is the dream, one that starts by nailing the Apple interview questions. Take advantage of all of the information above, and your chances of achieving your goal could go up. Remember, you’re a great candidate. All you need to do is show it.

Good luck!

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