14 Great Jobs For Teens in 2019

By Jeff Gillis

You are sixteen and the world is your oyster. Options abound!

For all too many teenagers, following the crowd is a top priority. These kids hang out in fields, arcades, or parties. They tip over defenseless cows, post endless sagas about their high scores on social media, or swoon over a latest crush.

Youth has softly ended, but adulthood has not yet began. Only the most savvy are beginning to think: are there jobs for teens near me?

Your teen years are not the time to get a full-time job, but school takes up an increasingly small chunk of your time-pie. It is the perfect opportunity to pick up a part-time job. Working even ten or fifteen hours a week in a teen job will give you pocket money, pad your resume and prepare you for adulthood without taking too much away from your remaining childhood.

You might wonder… Are there teen jobs near me?

Yes! Jobs for teens are right there waiting for you.

Think about it: do you really want your very first job to be one that really counts?

Here are fifteen jobs for teens to get you started down the path towards teen employment.

1) Babysitter

Babysitting is the an interesting mix of very-real-job responsibility with potentially low commitment.

Being sole provider and minder for tiny, vulnerable people requires the utmost attention. This is especially true if you find yourself watching infants or toddlers. They are carnage waiting to happen. You are literally the only thing preventing them from suffocating, drowning or falling head-first off a bench onto a slab of concrete.

For your trouble you are blessed with tiny smiles and the joy that is nap time. Older kids need less life-saving, but require a greater variety of inputs. Depending on the specific job you may be helping Johnny with his homework, or helping him kill zombies on a screen with little more than a remote to guide you.

Perk: Generally easy work and good pay

Con: Requires unwavering dedication and provides little, if any, job stability

2) Tutor

Did you ace first semester physics? Does algebra make you jump up and down like a gleeful child about to meet Santa? Do you enjoy helping others to understand complex topics?

If you answered yes to these questions, my friend, then tutoring may be the job for you. Tutors generally help kids or younger teenagers to master their studies at their parents’ behest. This may be as simple as going through homework assignments or as complex as lesson planning.

The more you put into it, the more you’re likely to get paid and referred for additional work.

Perk: Generally easy work and good pay

Con: Requires special skills, intermittent work

3) Coffee Barista

Making coffee can be a sweet gig. The hours are versatile, rush goes by quickly, and slow periods leave ample time for chatting with coworkers. Of course, you’ll likely have to run the cash register before they let you play with the big coffee machine, but no pain no gain.

Perk: Free coffee, decent pay, job stability

Con: Must perform repetitive, uninteresting tasks, people are grumpy before they’ve had their coffee

4) Lifeguard

Remember how I said that babysitters are literally the only thing standing between tiny tots and disaster?

Multiply that by one hundred.

The vast majority of the time lifeguards can basically work on their tans, basking in the glory of sunlight while they survey the pool. If they are needed for any other work, however, their job can quickly become a matter of life and death. It is a lot of responsibility for a good tan!

Perk: Sunshine, nice atmosphere

Con: Responsibility, boring

5) Dog Walker

Do you love dogs? Of course you do, who doesn’t love dogs!

Do you love them enough to earn your money waling them about the neighborhood park? If the answer is yes