What To Do After An Interview – “Did I Get The Job!?”

By Jeff Gillis

Remember that totally amazing interview you had a few days ago?

You remember, the one where you blew the competition out of the water?

You were prepped, ready, and on point!

In fact, if you’d been any more the Perfect Candidate, you would have already had the job!

So why haven’t you heard from the company yet?

Why are you home, sitting by yourself in your living room, still waiting to hear what’s going on? Why have they left you hanging?

Ugh. The waiting game. It’s the worst.

That hollow “Did I?” or “Didn’t I?” ping pong of thoughts going on in your head as you replay your interview over and over again.

After a while that victorious glow you felt after a solid interview starts to fade and is replaced by the dreaded “Waiting Game Blues.”

You know the feeling…that creeping sense of anxiety mixed with self-doubt and frustration.

Why haven’t they called?
Was it something I said?
Something I did?
Did I get the job?

I thought I did a great job! They told me I was amazing and that they’d be in touch…but it’s been years and years and still nothing!

Okay, maybe not years…but you get the idea.

Even a few days waiting post-interview can seem like an eternity.

Trust us…we totally understand where you’re coming from and get your sense of frustration and doom.

We agree: it sucks. And unfortunately, it happens to us all…which is why you need to be prepared when it happens to you.

So what can you do during the waiting game to help keep yourself from going crazy? How do you survive?

Here is an easy list of what to do after an interview to help maintain your sanity, remain productive and most importantly, keep yourself in the game.

What to Do While You Wait For the Result of Your Interview




This is the number one thing you can do to make your waiting time easier and help cut way down on the crazy feelings we know are starting to buzz around in your brain.

DO NOT take the waiting game personally.

Hyper-analyzing every single second of your job interview is only going to drive you crazy as well as waste time you could be spending on other things.




Did you know sharks never stop swimming?shark-keep-monving

They are the top predators in the ocean and spend their entire lives on the move. The last thing you’ll ever find is a shark sitting around on his couch at home after an interview just—waiting.

Be like a shark. Instead of waiting around and putting everything else on hold, keep moving. Keep looking. Keep interviewing.

Yes, the one you interviewed for might have been the job you’ve been dying to have since you were five, but sitting around waiting for it for forever isn’t going to get you anything more than a load of frustration.

There are no awards for “Most Loyal Potential Employee We Never Actually Hired.”

Have a backup plan and backup jobs you can continue to pursue while you wait.




community-150124_640Remember all those people who helped you get that interview? Maybe you worked with a recruiter? What about your friend who works at the company who got you the introduction?

Reach out to them—tactfully—and see if they can shed any light on the situation. Do NOT harass them.




Keep in mind just how much time has passed between your interview and where you are right now.

If it’s just be