Interview Question: What Are Your Career Goals? [+ Example Answers]

By Mike Simpson UPDATED 5/26/2022 What are your career goals? Do you have them? Do you need them? And what happens if you’re asked about your career aspirations in an interview? While career aspirations are often personal, having some is incredibly important, and not just for reasons you expect. Additionally, being able to talk about…

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25 Job Interview Tips and Hacks That Are Genius!

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED: 5/26/2022 EVERYONE who has a job interview coming up is anxious to get the real job interview tips that will put them over the top and allow them to be the best candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager. But where are you supposed to look? How do you get…

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Top 25 Highest Paying Trade Jobs in 2022

highest paying trade jobs

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 5/24/2022 When Mike Rowe, the blue-collar philosopher and former star of Dirty Jobs, was asked about the biggest myths surrounding trade school jobs, his answer was simple: “…The biggest misconception is lousy pay.” And, to put it simply, he’s right. Many people think skilled tradespeople earn a pittance. In reality, many…

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Interview Question: How Would You Describe Yourself? (Examples Included)

how would you describe yourself

By Mike Simpson UPDATED 5/24/2022 Imagine this: you’re sitting in an interview for your dream job. Everything seems to be going beautifully. You’re knocking every question out of the ballpark, and the hiring manager is genuinely engaged. You’re confident you’ve got the job in the bag. But then, they ask you a dastardly question: “How…

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44 Best Questions to Ask in An Interview

best questions to ask in an interview

By Mike Simpson UPDATED 5/23/2022 In many ways, an interview is a two-way street. Not only is the hiring manager getting to know you, but it’s also a chance for you to learn more about the hiring manager, the job, and the company. That’s why it’s critical to know which questions to ask in an…

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Top 35 Leadership Interview Questions And Answers

leadership interview questions

By Mike Simpson UPDATED 5/23/2022 Many candidates assume that only managers have to face off against leadership interview questions. But, in reality, anyone may actually find themselves staring down leadership questions. Why? Because leadership is a ridiculously valuable soft skill, particularly in a landscape where companies are facing a leadership skills gap. Those who know…

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Top 25 Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

teacher interview questions and answers

By Mike Simpson UPDATED 5/21/2022 Being a teacher can be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet…but even with teaching vacancies rising and the number of opportunities increasing, getting those first jobs teaching can be a nerve-wracking experience. Fortunately, nailing that interview for your dream job doesn’t have to be a challenge. By…

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What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? (+ Example Answers)

By Mike Simpson UPDATED 5/20/2022 When a hiring manager goes into an interview, they have one goal in mind: find the best possible candidate for the position. So how do they do this? By asking tough questions like, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Interviewers want to see what happens when they rattle your cage…

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Top 20 Nursing Interview Questions And Answers

By Mike Simpson UPDATED 5/20/2022 Being a nurse takes a special kind of person. Oftentimes, you see people in the middle of what can easily be the worst day of their lives. You need patience, resilience, a sense of humor, attention to detail, and a thick skin. But it can also be one of the…

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20 Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 5/19/2022 Your resume is stellar, your application was impeccable, and you’ve caught a potential employer’s attention. Now, the hiring manager wants to get to know you a bit better, inviting you to participate in a phone interview. That’s great news! But if you want to ensure you’ll excel, you’re going to…

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