15 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

highest paying freelance jobs

By Jeff Gillis Many professionals dream of launching a freelancing career, giving them a level of control over the work they don’t otherwise get. However, it’s also normal to wonder if you can earn a “real” living as a freelancer, especially if you leave a traditional role behind. If you’re curious about the highest-paying freelance…

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22 Best Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Pay Well

By Jeff Gillis Most 13-year-olds would love to have their own spending money. Since that’s the case, they might start hunting for jobs for 13-year-olds to see what options are available. While traditional jobs that hire at 13 are few and far between, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some solid opportunities. Here is a look…

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100 Good Skills to Put on a Resume [Complete Guide]

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 6/4/2022 When you’re adding skills to a resume, you don’t just want to focus on what you’re good at. Instead, relevancy has to be part of the equation. After all, every job you’re trying to land requires a very specific skill set, one that you need to show that you have.…

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25 Job Interview Tips and Hacks That Are Genius!

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED: 5/26/2022 EVERYONE who has a job interview coming up is anxious to get the real job interview tips that will put them over the top and allow them to be the best candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager. But where are you supposed to look? How do you get…

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Top 25 Highest Paying Trade Jobs

highest paying trade jobs

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 5/24/2022 When Mike Rowe, the blue-collar philosopher and former star of Dirty Jobs, was asked about the biggest myths surrounding trade school jobs, his answer was simple: “…The biggest misconception is lousy pay.” And, to put it simply, he’s right. Many people think skilled tradespeople earn a pittance. In reality, many…

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20 Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 5/19/2022 Your resume is stellar, your application was impeccable, and you’ve caught a potential employer’s attention. Now, the hiring manager wants to get to know you a bit better, inviting you to participate in a phone interview. That’s great news! But if you want to ensure you’ll excel, you’re going to…

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Top 10 Interview Questions For 2022 (With Sample Answers)

top 10 interview questions

By Jeff Gillis UPDATED 5/19/2022 If you haven’t had a job interview for a while, you might be surprised at how much things have changed. As with most aspects of life, the world of hiring is ever-evolving. That’s why it’s wise to review the top 10 interview questions of the year, ensuring you know what…

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18 Best Jobs for 14-Year-Olds

By Jeff Gillis Many 14-year-olds like the idea of earning some cash. Getting a head start on saving for a car or setting some money aside for college aren’t uncommon goals, though some may just want their own spending cash. In either case, finding the best jobs for 14-year-olds ends up a priority. But what…

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20 Best Jobs for 15-Year-Olds

By Jeff Gillis While it might not seem like 15-year-olds need a steady income, that isn’t necessarily the case. Many younger teens want to have cash that they can spend as they please. Plus, they may want to begin saving up for a car or college. That’s why finding the best jobs for 15-year-olds is…

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Top 10 Crypto Skills for Your Resume

By Jeff Gillis Cryptocurrency has been making headlines for years, and not just when it comes to changes in value. Digital currency has a lot of potential, and so do the technologies behind it. So, it isn’t a surprise that interest in crypto skills is on the rise. Many companies want to leverage cryptocurrency and…

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