Top 25 Best Job Search Engines

By Jeff Gillis Odds are, if you need a new position, job search engines are some of the first places you’ll head to explore opportunities. At this point, they are the tried-and-true approach in the eyes of the masses, making it easier to explore listings and find roles that feel like matches. But do any…

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Why Can’t I Find a Job? – 20 Reasons (and Tips!)

By Jeff Gillis Why can’t I find a job? It’s a question plenty of candidates ask at some point in there.  In the end, a job search is almost always challenging, even if you’re incredibly well qualified. While the current state of the economy, where you live, your skillset, and other factors are definitely in…

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Top 20 Best Jobs for Retirees

By Jeff Gillis For many people, retirement doesn’t actually mean hopping on a horse and riding off into the sunset. Instead, it’s an opportunity, a chance to seize the reins and head off into a new direction, one that lets them work in a field that ignites their passion. In many cases, that’s what the…

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20 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

By Jeff Gillis Being pregnant never means you have to give up on a job search or employment. After all, working with a baby on board can be a great thing, especially if you focus on the best jobs for pregnant women during your search. Ultimately, some options may be better than others. If you…

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Top 25 Summer Jobs for Teens

By Jeff Gillis When the weather turns warmer, and students are out of school for the summer, many teenagers turn their eyes toward part-time summer jobs for teens. After all, what’s better than having some cash in your pocket, ensuring you can make the most of your time out of school? In the world of…

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30 Highest Paying Stay at Home Mom Jobs

By Jeff Gillis Just because you’re a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you don’t want to bring some cash into your household. Luckily, with the right stay-at-home mom jobs, you can handle your household responsibilities and earn a living. In fact, some of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms have stellar salaries and offer you a…

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Top 10 Video Game Jobs That Pay Well

video game jobs that pay well

By Jeff Gillis For many professionals, video game jobs are the dream. After all, many Millennials and most members of Gen Z grew up with video games in their lives. Titles like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Halo, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite, and many, many more captured the…

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Top 20 Overnight Shift Jobs That Pay Well

overnight shift jobs

By Jeff Gillis For a lot of people, a traditional 9-to-5 just doesn’t work. Maybe you’re a night owl, or you have obligations during the day that make heading out to a job impossible when the sun is up. If that sounds like you, then overnight jobs might be right up your alley. Night shift…

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20 Best White-Collar Jobs

white collar jobs

By Jeff Gillis There are a ton of terms that describe different parts of the workforce, and most of them seem pretty familiar on the surface. In fact, the odds are high that you’ve heard the term “white-collar jobs.” But do you know the white-collar job definition? What about which of the opportunities in this…

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Top 18 Seasonal Jobs That Pay Well

seasonal jobs

By Jeff Gillis When many people look for work, they don’t necessarily want a full-time, year-round position. Instead, their goal is to find something that only lasts a few months but is still reasonably steady. That’s where seasonal jobs come in. With seasonal work, you can earn some extra cash without the long-term commitment that…

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