Top 19 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs

highest paying part time jobs

By Mike Simpson

Many people simply can’t work a full-time schedule. For others, it may be an option, but they would rather have more time to focus on family, hobbies, or personal obligations. Luckily, it is possible to support yourself without having to work 40+ hours per week. There are some amazing high-paying part-time jobs around; you just have to find one.

Getting your hands on one of the highest paying part-time jobs might seem challenging. Competition for them can be fierce, after all. But by understanding what’s out there, you can broaden your search. You may discover an opportunity you overlooked before, allowing you to snag one of the best paying part-time jobs around.

If you don’t know where to look, don’t worry; we’ve got you. Here’s everything you need to know about part-time jobs that pay well.

What Are Part-Time Jobs?

Before we dig into the actual jobs, let’s take a second and answer an important question: what are part-time jobs exactly?

Why are we addressing that? Because that question may seem simple, but the answer genuinely isn’t.

While what separates part-time and full-time work is usually the number of hours that an employee will put in each day, the transition point isn’t set in stone. Companies mainly get to decide who is part-time.

Now, 40 hours per week is almost universally considered full-time. However, some companies view 35 hours as the transition point between part-time and full-time. Others limit part-time workers to 30 hours per week.

Technically, there is no legal guideline that says who is part-time and who’s full-time. Even the Department of Labor openly states that “the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not define full-time employment or part-time employment.”

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics considers 35 hours per week to be full-time, they only made that assertion for statistical purposes. It has no legal bearing whatsoever.

MIKE'S TIP: Since the definition of part-time hours is flexible, it’s crucial you look closely at each job description to see where that company draws the line. Many job ads will give you either an exact number of hours or will provide an estimate or range. Take a look at that information to decide if the number of hours advertised could work for you. That way, if, for example, you only want to work 20 hours per week, you can skip any part-time jobs that require 30 hours.

To make matters more confusing, there’s no legal minimum either. Companies aren’t required to give their part-time workers a specific number of hours each week. The only exception is if there is a formal contract that guarantees a minimum amount of work, something you’ll rarely (if ever) see.

When it comes to duties, they can run the gamut. It’s the number of hours that define whether a role is part-time, not the nature of the work. That means even highly skilled professionals may be able to find a part-time job, something that can be incredibly important for making ends meet, especially if you were hit by a COVID-19 layoff.

Top 19 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs

Okay, now that you have an idea of what a part-time job can be, it’s time to dig into what you came here for. Here’s a look at our top 19 highest paying part-time jobs around.

1. Private Tutoring

If you have significant experience or education in a particular subject, you might be able to translate that into a high-paying tutoring gig. Since you can control the number of clients you take on, it can easily be part-time. Plus, if you really know a subject, this may fall into the easy high-paying freelance jobs category.

How much you make can vary dramatically. However, $18.91 per hour certainly isn’t unusual, and some of the best tutors can earn $41.97 or more.

2. Accountant

We’ve taken a deep dive into the accountant job description before, but many don’t realize that you don’t have to be full-time in this field. Part-time hours are actually pretty common, particularly when working for smaller companies or if you essentially operate your own business.

As far as pay, $34.40 per hour is the norm. However, you could end up earning $59.83+ in time.

3. Programmer

Many smaller companies need software created, but it isn’t something they require every single day. As a result, they hire freelancers or contractors to handle the work, essentially making it possible to be a part-time programmer.

With a bit of training or a four-year education, you could likely earn about $41.61 per hour. If you excel, then $67.42+ is a real possibility.

4. Editor

If you are an English major or have strong writing skills, a part-time job as an editor could be perfect for you. You’d spend your time reviewing and revising documents before they are published, ensuring they are correct.

Along with traditional part-time opportunities, this position can often be great for anyone looking to freelance. Editors can usually make $29.50 per hour, though some earn $58.79+.

5. Truck Driver

Many local companies only need delivery drivers part-time. Along with assisting with loading and unloading, you’d operate a vehicle to get an item to its destination. The job can be physically demanding, but the pay is respectable. Usually, $15.39 per hour is pretty common, though some may earn more than $31.44.

6. Graphic Designer

Another great option for freelancing, graphic designers can typically earn $25.05 per hour while creating various kinds of images and visual media. Much of the work is marketing or branding focused, but it’s also very artistic and expressive. Plus it’s the type of job you can do part time, even just on weekends.

If you’re particularly skilled, it can be an easy high-paying job. Plus, if you work your way up, earning $42.89+ is definitely possible.

7. Writer / Copywriter

Whether you want to create website landing page content, write blogs for companies, or anything similar, you could make a respectable wage while doing it part-time. Many businesses higher freelancers to handle these sorts of tasks, giving you the ability to choose projects that fit with your skills, control your schedule, and shape your income.

Making around $30.39 per hour is pretty common here. Plus, the top 10 percent may earn $58.87+.

8. Management Analyst

As a management analyst, you’d review a company’s operations and make recommendations to improve efficiency, cut costs, and boost profitability. Usually, it involves a lot of data gathering and research, as well as knowledge of various best practices and cutting-edge approaches.

If you focus on consulting, it’s possible to be a part-tine management analyst. If you do, earning $40.99 is typical, though some make $74.19+.

9. Manicurist

A great option for artistic people who have strong customer service skills, manicurists, well, give manicures, shaping and painting nails, and caring for a customer’s hands. This career does require formal training and the right cosmetology license. But, once you have it, making $12.39 per hour normal, though some earn more than $17.66. Plus, you can boost your income thanks to tips.

10. Market Research Analyst

Another potentially part-time gig, marketing research analysts gather and review data to help companies make sound decisions and increase their odds of snagging and retaining customers. Typically, these pros earn around $30.67 per hour, though the top 10 percent can bring in $58.96 or more.

11. Restaurant Server

Caring for restaurant patrons by taking orders, bringing food, and refilling beverages can actually be quite lucrative, potentially far beyond the median hourly wage of $11.00. Along with making at least minimum wage, you can boost your income with tips. In fact, the top 10 percent earn more than $20.65 per hour, which is pretty respectable.

Where you live may determine whether waiting tables qualifies as one of the best paying part-time jobs around. Some states, like Washington, require restaurants to pay servers the local minimum wage, and any money earned in tips is above and beyond that.

However, other states allow the value of tips to go toward reaching that minimum wage. For example, in Texas, your employer only has to pay you $2.13 per hour as long as your tips bring you up to the traditional minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. If your tips don’t get you up to $7.25 per hour, your employer pays the difference. But, if they do, $2.13 per hour is all you’ll see from the business.

12. Bartender

As a bartender, your main duties are to take beverage orders, mix drinks, and provide great customer service. Cleaning, supply ordering, and other tasks often come with the role, but it’s the drink-making that is usually the focus.

Like restaurant servers, bartending is one of the part-time jobs that pay well depending on where you live and what you can earn in tips. While $11.39 per hour is pretty normal, the top 10 percent bring in more than $22.18, which is pretty solid.

Bartending makes a great overnight shift job option for those interested.

13. Contact Center Representative

If you want to help customers with their questions and problems, and have a bit of a thick skin, working as a contact center rep could be a good choice. Many contact center representatives only work part-time, taking calls, or interacting with customers via online chats. Plus, it’s increasingly possible to work-from-home in this field, something that’s increasingly important due to COVID-19.

Usually, you can earn around $16.69 per hour. However, some make $27.11 or more, which is pretty nice.

14. Food Delivery Driver

Food delivery driving can be a decent gig, and many consider it one of the easier part-time jobs due to its simplicity. You’ll spend a significant part of your day on the road, bringing tasty nibbles to customers. While the average pay rate is $10 per hour, you could get much higher thanks to tips.

Now, while you could sign up for an option like Uber Eats, you may be better off financially working for an actual restaurant, like a pizza place. That way, you get a set hourly range and tips.

15. Massage Therapist

With the right training and licensing, you could work part-time as a massage therapist. Some focus purely on relaxation, while others concentrate their careers on helping those who’ve experienced an injury or have certain physical conditions.

Most massage therapists are self-employed, letting them control their schedule. As for pay, $20.59 per hour is typical, though some bring in $38.76 or more.

16. Translator / Interpreter

If you already know a second language fluently, translating isn’t just a high-paying part-time job; it’s an easy high-paying job. You’d spend your days converting one language into another, either verbally or in writing. In exchange, $24.92 per hour is pretty typical, though some bring in more than $45.37.

17. Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you’d spend your time helping people buy, sell, or rent homes. Usually, you can maintain a decent amount of control over your schedule, including potentially limiting your hours.

Pay rates are often largely commission-based, though most earn about $23.53 per hour when all is said and done. However, some pull in $53.75+, which is impressive.

18. Web Developer

A job that’s part tech, part creative, web developers create websites for companies and individuals. Many work part-time or are freelancers, allowing them to limit their hours.

In return for their expertise, the going rate is usually around $35.46 per hour. However, some earn $68.31+, showing how much these skills can potentially be worth.

19. Virtual Assistant

Essentially, the virtual assistant and traditional administrative assistant job description are the same. The main difference is that virtual assistants work entirely remotely and may be more likely to work part-time.

There’s a decent chance you could earn $19.16 per hour in a virtual assistant role. However, upwards of $31.50 could be possible if you have strong skills.

Putting It All Together

Ultimately, all of the high-paying part-time jobs above could be great choices. While some require additional education, training, or licensing, the flexibility can make that worthwhile. So, see if one feels right to you and, if it does, why not give it a try?

Good luck!

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